Friday, September 21, 2012


Our boys are pretty lucky! Growing up little boys love trucks, trains, cars, firetrucks, bulldozers, anything that moves. It just so happens that my boys LOVE anything that will scoop dirt.
So having a papaw (and neighbor) with a bulldozer is about the best around!
We had about 6 trees cut out of our backyard last Sunday. They were pretty dangerous and too close to our house and we needed to get them out before winter. My dad and his friend and Kevin all helped to get them out. I was soo thankful it went smooth and it was finally over.
After the trees were cut down, it was clean up time! These boys were ready to get to work. Karson has always loved tractors, bulldozers. But I really think Kipton is going to be our dozer man. He LOVES them and plays with them most of the day. He has been asking everytime we go to Target or Walmart to see the bulldozers. I will normally take him back to that isle in the toy section and we stay at least 10 minutes looking at this one particular bulldozer he loves. I really need to get it for Christmas and put it back, but I am never at a store alone :)
He worked worked worked his little heart out on this bulldozer. He really thought he was big stuff!
Bubby has a few lessons he tries to teach Kipton. How to move this lever and how to push this button, etc. He thinks he is "Mr. Teacher" to Kipton.
Giving Kipton a lesson
Hauling a tree off..this is tough work!
Loving every second of living in the country! Thrilled that these boys are healthy, and happy loving the country life.

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