Sunday, October 30, 2011

House Update

Just wanted to write a little about the house so I will remember what was going on in October 2011.
The drywallers were working for about a week and 1/2. While they were hanging drywall, mudding, and finishing it, Russ was putting in the heating/air-conditioning unit and the duckwork under the house.

We decided to change the heating unit at the last minute. We found a more efficient unit for the same price so we decided to go with that. I think it will be better in the long run and save us a lot of money on our monthly bills. So happy for our change.

Then this past week the crew painted the entire house. I decided to just paint it all white and then later once I am in the house I will decide on colors. I was just too afraid that if I made those choices now I would regret them later once the furniture and pictures were hung.

Kevin being......"KEVIN" always a jokester. Sometimes I get really upset with Kevin because he is not "serious" enough. But I think that God really put us together for a reason. Without his sense of humor and whit I might be even more of a serious person. I am so thankful for my husband.

I know these pictures are too exciting. This is my dad and kevin again finishing the water & gas line. It took them almost 5 days. They had to run the line 1200 feet. That is A LONG WAY!! Then Kevin went behind and burried it all with a shovel. They ended up just hitting my parents sewer tank which is bad but not as bad as hitting the main water/gas lines. They were able to fix it fast and not cause any damage or extra money.

We have the floor guys coming on Monday. They will be laying the tile, hardwood, and carpet in the bedrooms. I am so excited I can't stand it. I am ready to be decorating and cleaning! (I know sounds odd)

We are hoping just 3 more weeks. It looks like our Thanksgiving dinner MIGHT be in our new home. But I'm sure it won't be all organized by then but that's just fine with me.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween night is 1 week from today! I am so excited. It is one of my favorite holidays and especially so since I have two boys. HOWEVER, this Halloween has been different than I expected. Karson has asked to be Diego for months now. I specifically waited for a few months to make sure he didn't change his mind before I got his costume. We went to the mall 2 weeks ago and there was NO Diego costume so I resorted to buying online. The costume came in the mail and well...he will not put it on. Refusing absolutley will not put the costume on. I have been at a lost for words because he was so excited about it. I have tried everything but it's a NO GO. So now we have Kipton as baby Jaguar (Diego's pet) but no Diego.
I have found a replacement for the Diego costume but still not happy about the whole thing. O what us mommys have to do! This Halloween costume thing has been harder for Karson than potty training was. HA!
Kipton is still pretty darn cute.

Marshall BOY! GO HERD

Gotta love him....even if he has a pretty bad temper

Karson has really played well independantly here latley. I think we are out of the "needing entertained" stage. FINGERS CROSSED :)
He loves tractors, dozers, backhoes (hmmm...wonder where he gets that from)

Loves the wagon. Wants to pull it now though instead of riding.

It is supposed to be nice again tomorrow. Here's to hoping we keep the nice weather.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Love and Mischief

Karson is 2 1/2 and Kipton is 15 months. (I have to mention this here and there so when I read this a few years from now I'll know the ages. lol)

O BOY are they joining forces to gang up on ole' mom. Times have changed. Karson has allowed Kipton to offically "be on his team" so to say. They are loving playing games, hiding from mom, trying to "scare" me, getting into mischief, loving on each other, tackling each other (not so good), stealing snacks from each other's bowls, screaming over a toy, but all this couldn't compare to the lifelong BEST FRIEND they are bonding with. I can only hope as their momma that they will stay close even when their older and married they will still be calling each other to check up and visiting often.
This is seriously the sweetest sight every evening as they wind down.

One of their favorite places to be. Karson's bed

Kipton is his own man, but he does follow big brother most of the day. He is mocking Karson and trying to talk like Karson. He even makes the same noises that Karson makes. I would say that we will be having the "If your brother jumps off of a bridge, are you going to do the same?" conversation in just a few short years.

This week: Kipton started saying "NO NO" and pointing his finger.
I wonder where he has saw that before?
Kipton is a repeated offender and is often getting told no :) little stinker.

This week God has really opened my eyes to the blessing these boys are. Of course I have always known this but there have been certain situations this week where it has shown out to me LOUD and CLEAR!

I am thinking of taking the boys to a fall festival this weekend. Here's to hoping that it's not FREEZING cold like yesterday and today. The wind was 30 mph and in the 40's. I was trying to whip out the winter jackets before going somewhere. I wasn't expecting that this early in the season.

Hope everyone has a good weekend planned. TGIF!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Date Day

I had the chance to take Karson to the mall with me alone.
Just me and Karson.

It was so nice! Why is it that being with just one child is so much quieter, and easier? Probably because it is one less body to care for. We did miss Kip and daddy but we had a great time getting out together.

After a trip to the mall to get Karson some new shoes and a "Pluto" we went to a Halloween store.
Karson was a little hesitant to go in but did great. He thought it was COOL!

After our lunch then we headed back to Nana's where Daddy and Papaw Brad were working on the water & gas line for the house. They had to dig a line 1200 feet long and burry the lines. It has been a long week for them. It is still not finished because the water company has to come out and hook the taps together. It will all get done .....SOMEDAY! :) We are now looking at November to move in. I CAN"T WAIT!

Helping Papaw on the Backhoe. Of course this is the dream of a little boy. Karson sat perfectly still for 20 minutes while Papaw worked. He did not want to get off but it was naptime.

I think Karson and Papaw and Daddy all look so much alike.

It was the perfect fall day!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

15 Months

Have you ever been so busy that it just becomes routine and your body gets used to the no sleep and crazy evenings? It seems like I am never caught up. Before Kipton came into our lives I seemed to have it "kinda" together with just 3 of us. Now that it's 4.....forget it!! I have to be bold and admit that live is hard with 2 kids and a husband and a house. Add in there the house we are building and finishing up school full-time. I am SWAMPED!!! But I am reminded through different experiences throughout the week that I CAN DO THIS!

I live for the days that Kevin is off. (which isn't often) 12 hour days are a long time to wait for someone. If it weren't for this guy: I would be in a million pieces. I owe a lot to my dear ole husband! I don't say it nearly enough. He is wonderful!

Wanted to do an update on Kipton since he is about 15 months now: (on the 20th of October)

  • He is RUNNING everywhere and into EVERYTHING!! This boy can really make a mess and make it fast. I now have 4 little hands getting into everything in the house.
  • He takes 2 naps on some days and 1 nap other days. He is kinda in the transition of 2 naps to 1. They are about 9:45 and 3 ish. He is normally ready for bed about 7:30 so we get his bath and do his bedtime routine. He is normally in bed by 8 now unless we are doing something special. Karson's bedtime is 9 so they are always asleep by then.
  • Kipton is still a demanding child. We are learning to have patience when mommy is busy with Karson. He does still throw some pretty dandy fits. We are working on this. With patience. From....everyone :)

  • Kipton LOVES his brother. He LIVES for Karson.
  • He is an outdoors boy! Loves to be outback playing or taking a walk around the neighborhood.

He is wearing almost the same size as Karson. 24 months. Karson is a 2T in pants and 3T in shirts. I can't believe that are almost the same size!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Weekend

Here are a few pictures from our weekend. It has really gotten cold here in Ohio the past few days. The past two nights have been in the 30's! I couldn't believe it was time for the boys to be in their long winter pajamas. I haven't fully finished my switch from summer/winter clothes yet. I am still doing that today. Hoping to get it done tonight.
At 14 months Kipton wants to feed himself.
He does NOT want you to help him. Meals are pretty messy these days.
Thank the Lord for bibs!

Saturday: We went to see how the house had progressed over the week. It is coming along! Tomorrow (10/3/11) they will start the drywall. He is saying it should only take about 3 days. I can't believe we are moving this month. I AM NOT READY!!!!

In the kitchen :) Isn't it beautiful? lol

All of the insulation is done!

The upstairs bonus room: aka. Kevin's room

My big boy and me before church this morning.

Church was wonderful this morning. We missed last Sunday and boy was I glad
to be back. I LOVE our church!