Friday, October 21, 2011

Love and Mischief

Karson is 2 1/2 and Kipton is 15 months. (I have to mention this here and there so when I read this a few years from now I'll know the ages. lol)

O BOY are they joining forces to gang up on ole' mom. Times have changed. Karson has allowed Kipton to offically "be on his team" so to say. They are loving playing games, hiding from mom, trying to "scare" me, getting into mischief, loving on each other, tackling each other (not so good), stealing snacks from each other's bowls, screaming over a toy, but all this couldn't compare to the lifelong BEST FRIEND they are bonding with. I can only hope as their momma that they will stay close even when their older and married they will still be calling each other to check up and visiting often.
This is seriously the sweetest sight every evening as they wind down.

One of their favorite places to be. Karson's bed

Kipton is his own man, but he does follow big brother most of the day. He is mocking Karson and trying to talk like Karson. He even makes the same noises that Karson makes. I would say that we will be having the "If your brother jumps off of a bridge, are you going to do the same?" conversation in just a few short years.

This week: Kipton started saying "NO NO" and pointing his finger.
I wonder where he has saw that before?
Kipton is a repeated offender and is often getting told no :) little stinker.

This week God has really opened my eyes to the blessing these boys are. Of course I have always known this but there have been certain situations this week where it has shown out to me LOUD and CLEAR!

I am thinking of taking the boys to a fall festival this weekend. Here's to hoping that it's not FREEZING cold like yesterday and today. The wind was 30 mph and in the 40's. I was trying to whip out the winter jackets before going somewhere. I wasn't expecting that this early in the season.

Hope everyone has a good weekend planned. TGIF!!

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