Thursday, October 20, 2011

Date Day

I had the chance to take Karson to the mall with me alone.
Just me and Karson.

It was so nice! Why is it that being with just one child is so much quieter, and easier? Probably because it is one less body to care for. We did miss Kip and daddy but we had a great time getting out together.

After a trip to the mall to get Karson some new shoes and a "Pluto" we went to a Halloween store.
Karson was a little hesitant to go in but did great. He thought it was COOL!

After our lunch then we headed back to Nana's where Daddy and Papaw Brad were working on the water & gas line for the house. They had to dig a line 1200 feet long and burry the lines. It has been a long week for them. It is still not finished because the water company has to come out and hook the taps together. It will all get done .....SOMEDAY! :) We are now looking at November to move in. I CAN"T WAIT!

Helping Papaw on the Backhoe. Of course this is the dream of a little boy. Karson sat perfectly still for 20 minutes while Papaw worked. He did not want to get off but it was naptime.

I think Karson and Papaw and Daddy all look so much alike.

It was the perfect fall day!!

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