Wednesday, October 12, 2011

15 Months

Have you ever been so busy that it just becomes routine and your body gets used to the no sleep and crazy evenings? It seems like I am never caught up. Before Kipton came into our lives I seemed to have it "kinda" together with just 3 of us. Now that it's 4.....forget it!! I have to be bold and admit that live is hard with 2 kids and a husband and a house. Add in there the house we are building and finishing up school full-time. I am SWAMPED!!! But I am reminded through different experiences throughout the week that I CAN DO THIS!

I live for the days that Kevin is off. (which isn't often) 12 hour days are a long time to wait for someone. If it weren't for this guy: I would be in a million pieces. I owe a lot to my dear ole husband! I don't say it nearly enough. He is wonderful!

Wanted to do an update on Kipton since he is about 15 months now: (on the 20th of October)

  • He is RUNNING everywhere and into EVERYTHING!! This boy can really make a mess and make it fast. I now have 4 little hands getting into everything in the house.
  • He takes 2 naps on some days and 1 nap other days. He is kinda in the transition of 2 naps to 1. They are about 9:45 and 3 ish. He is normally ready for bed about 7:30 so we get his bath and do his bedtime routine. He is normally in bed by 8 now unless we are doing something special. Karson's bedtime is 9 so they are always asleep by then.
  • Kipton is still a demanding child. We are learning to have patience when mommy is busy with Karson. He does still throw some pretty dandy fits. We are working on this. With patience. From....everyone :)

  • Kipton LOVES his brother. He LIVES for Karson.
  • He is an outdoors boy! Loves to be outback playing or taking a walk around the neighborhood.

He is wearing almost the same size as Karson. 24 months. Karson is a 2T in pants and 3T in shirts. I can't believe that are almost the same size!!!

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