Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween night is 1 week from today! I am so excited. It is one of my favorite holidays and especially so since I have two boys. HOWEVER, this Halloween has been different than I expected. Karson has asked to be Diego for months now. I specifically waited for a few months to make sure he didn't change his mind before I got his costume. We went to the mall 2 weeks ago and there was NO Diego costume so I resorted to buying online. The costume came in the mail and well...he will not put it on. Refusing absolutley will not put the costume on. I have been at a lost for words because he was so excited about it. I have tried everything but it's a NO GO. So now we have Kipton as baby Jaguar (Diego's pet) but no Diego.
I have found a replacement for the Diego costume but still not happy about the whole thing. O what us mommys have to do! This Halloween costume thing has been harder for Karson than potty training was. HA!
Kipton is still pretty darn cute.

Marshall BOY! GO HERD

Gotta love him....even if he has a pretty bad temper

Karson has really played well independantly here latley. I think we are out of the "needing entertained" stage. FINGERS CROSSED :)
He loves tractors, dozers, backhoes (hmmm...wonder where he gets that from)

Loves the wagon. Wants to pull it now though instead of riding.

It is supposed to be nice again tomorrow. Here's to hoping we keep the nice weather.

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