Wednesday, August 20, 2014


When we built our house (now 4 years ago) we had to have many trees timbered. One of the main areas that needed timbered was the back of the property. The electric company came in and timbered 20 trees and just let them fall. They aren't responsible for cutting them up or cleaning up. 

So, this has been on our "to do" list for four years now. We have been trying to burn the trees, but it's very hard to get a fire started in that big of a burn pile. We knew that bulldozing was really the only way to remove all of them. 

My dad has a bulldozer, but we have been waiting for the land to settle. So it was time. 

The boys loved watching. 

You can see our black barn in the background. Having the area flattened and cleaned up will be much easier on getting over to the barn. 

The boys took a ride almost everyday. It was a tight fit, but they have a blast and sit so still.

After he was finished flattening, it rained for 3 days. It is a muddy mess right now. I am hoping this fall we will be able to plant grass and cover it with straw. Our chickens are loving the dirt. 

We have had a lot of help from the boys cleaning up the property. They are always willing to work.

I have to tell a few stories for memories sake.

Karson has asked for a bunny rabbit all summer. We have held off.

We told him that if he had a good first week of Kindergarten, with all green smiles at the end of the day and no tears, we would get him a rabbit. 

So that Friday, he earned all green smiles, and had no tears. Kevin and him were off to the farmer's house down the road. He picked this bunny. I felt so bad for the rabbit after a week of being in a rabbit cage, that I tried putting him in a little fenced in area in the grass. Well, within 5 minutes we were chasing a bunny around the woods. Bunnies can DIG :) 

Kipton and I were at Tractor Supply, and found this harness and leash. I figured it would be a waste of $7.00 but I figured it was worth a shot to get this bunny out of the cage everyday. He is doing great on it. It is so neat to watch him. I put him up in the woods with us over the weekend and he just worked and worked. He was breaking sticks, chewing weeds/brush, and digging a burrow. 

Yep, you've seen it all. A bunny on a leash!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Preschool at Home!

Have you ever made a decision and then second guessed yourself about a million times? Well that's me these past 2 weeks. 

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, our oldest son Karson started Kindergarten in a public school. It was not an easy task because I have dreamed of homeschooling our boys. However, sometimes your dreams don't work out in your favor. Kevin just really wanted the boys in a public school. So, after many talks and prayer Karson has went on to public school. 

Then comes Kipton our youngest son who is four years old. Technically he should be going to Pre-K this year but Kevin agreed that he could stay home with me and do preschool at home. I was thrilled when he suggested this! I thought God was changing his heart on the whole homeschool aspect, but I think it was just Gods way of giving a little to me, and a little to Kevin. 

We still have one at home to teach, train, and discipline throughout each weekday. 

So for the past two weeks, we have been trying out our new schedule. Fitting in playtime with friends, chores, story hour, and lessons as well. 

They grow so fast. I have never been able to give Kipton that one on one time since he was the second child, and it's been nice. 

He is a talker for sure. I think by 7pm I have heard every story he has in that little brain and we are all ready for bed. 

He sure misses his brother during the day. For the first few days we were all dragging around missing him so bad. 

But we are adjusting and finding ways to keep busy while he's gone. We love 2:00 when it's time to pick him up. 

I pray this year is all about growth. 

Growth in math, reading, writing,  friendship, obedience, leadership, and growth in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

That is the most important aspect of it all. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Look!

Some exciting things have happened on my little ole blog. 
A face lift!
It is a perfect fit to my style, and Kelley from 3 Cowboys & a Momma is to thank! She is fabulous at blog designing and knew exactly what my style was before I even described it. 
I am so thankful for this face lift. 
Thank you so much Kelley. 
For more about Kelley's blog designs and her gorgeous family head on over to her blog by clicking HERE!
Hope you're having a great week.
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Saturday, August 9, 2014


The first week of Kindergarten is in the books, and we all survived. School started Tuesday: August 5th and it just seemed too fast. But fast or not, it was time.

We had been practicing going to bed early and waking up early two weeks prior. So we were up at 6:20 getting ready. 

Daddy was off work, and Karson asked that he take him on the first day instead of mommy. (Insert sad momma) 

Little brother gave lots of hugs.

Then he was off, off to school for 7 hours! That is the hardest part for me. Its just too long!

Hugs for daddy, and he had to leave.

At 1:00 we had a parent meeting. Afterwards, our boy was finished with his first day. We got a quick tour of his room, chatted with his teacher, and came home to hear all about it.

That night our school boy slept 12 hours and was up at 6:20 the next morning, ready to go. 

I am so thankful for only one tear the very first day, and every day after running in. He loves his teacher and his classroom. He loves eating lunch, the playground, and gym class :)

He has 3 buddies, but only knows one name. He also asks why he can't ride the bus. Oh son, take it easy on mommy. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Views around our Homestead

This past weekend has been just a blessed one.

Kevin had hernia surgery on Thursday. He was down and out all day Thursday, but by the next day he was up and ready to walk. He is healing up so well. I am so thankful! 

He has had some time off and has to rest! He also can't lift more than 3 pounds so I have been busy covering both of our chores around here. 

We went to Uncle Johns house on Friday evening to get Kevin out to walk and he enjoyed helping us pick some fresh vegetables. His garden is just amazing! 

Here is Karson playing in the freshly tilled dirt. The boys just have a ball there. 

We also got our first pickin of corn in our own garden this weekend! It was seriously like Christmas. This is our first year that our garden has done so well. I will never forget how Karson acted when he shucked that first ear of corn.

Bailey patrols the playground for me. 

Karson has also fished at our fishin hole every day. Uncle John gave the boys cane poles to fish with so they are enjoying those.

Our new Japanese Bantams are seriously the cutest things I've ever seen! They are so sweet and stick right together. 

They are so low to the ground. 

Mario (our new rooster) is doing well also, getting acquainted to his new crew! He doesn't go in the chicken coop at night. He roosts in a tree, while all the girls make it in around 7pm each night.

Some nights it's hard to get the girls to follow me in. It's a struggle each night. Normally food does the trick!

I think that's about all the news I have to share. It's the first week of school here in West Virginia, and I'm a mess. Our oldest son is off to Kindergarten :(

Have a great week!