Sunday, August 17, 2014

Preschool at Home!

Have you ever made a decision and then second guessed yourself about a million times? Well that's me these past 2 weeks. 

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, our oldest son Karson started Kindergarten in a public school. It was not an easy task because I have dreamed of homeschooling our boys. However, sometimes your dreams don't work out in your favor. Kevin just really wanted the boys in a public school. So, after many talks and prayer Karson has went on to public school. 

Then comes Kipton our youngest son who is four years old. Technically he should be going to Pre-K this year but Kevin agreed that he could stay home with me and do preschool at home. I was thrilled when he suggested this! I thought God was changing his heart on the whole homeschool aspect, but I think it was just Gods way of giving a little to me, and a little to Kevin. 

We still have one at home to teach, train, and discipline throughout each weekday. 

So for the past two weeks, we have been trying out our new schedule. Fitting in playtime with friends, chores, story hour, and lessons as well. 

They grow so fast. I have never been able to give Kipton that one on one time since he was the second child, and it's been nice. 

He is a talker for sure. I think by 7pm I have heard every story he has in that little brain and we are all ready for bed. 

He sure misses his brother during the day. For the first few days we were all dragging around missing him so bad. 

But we are adjusting and finding ways to keep busy while he's gone. We love 2:00 when it's time to pick him up. 

I pray this year is all about growth. 

Growth in math, reading, writing,  friendship, obedience, leadership, and growth in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

That is the most important aspect of it all. 

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

That is wonderful ~ So glad you can homeschool one of your little ones.
I have being homeschooling since 1993 and still homeschooling today.

Have a wonderful day Stacy.