Wednesday, August 20, 2014


When we built our house (now 4 years ago) we had to have many trees timbered. One of the main areas that needed timbered was the back of the property. The electric company came in and timbered 20 trees and just let them fall. They aren't responsible for cutting them up or cleaning up. 

So, this has been on our "to do" list for four years now. We have been trying to burn the trees, but it's very hard to get a fire started in that big of a burn pile. We knew that bulldozing was really the only way to remove all of them. 

My dad has a bulldozer, but we have been waiting for the land to settle. So it was time. 

The boys loved watching. 

You can see our black barn in the background. Having the area flattened and cleaned up will be much easier on getting over to the barn. 

The boys took a ride almost everyday. It was a tight fit, but they have a blast and sit so still.

After he was finished flattening, it rained for 3 days. It is a muddy mess right now. I am hoping this fall we will be able to plant grass and cover it with straw. Our chickens are loving the dirt. 

We have had a lot of help from the boys cleaning up the property. They are always willing to work.

I have to tell a few stories for memories sake.

Karson has asked for a bunny rabbit all summer. We have held off.

We told him that if he had a good first week of Kindergarten, with all green smiles at the end of the day and no tears, we would get him a rabbit. 

So that Friday, he earned all green smiles, and had no tears. Kevin and him were off to the farmer's house down the road. He picked this bunny. I felt so bad for the rabbit after a week of being in a rabbit cage, that I tried putting him in a little fenced in area in the grass. Well, within 5 minutes we were chasing a bunny around the woods. Bunnies can DIG :) 

Kipton and I were at Tractor Supply, and found this harness and leash. I figured it would be a waste of $7.00 but I figured it was worth a shot to get this bunny out of the cage everyday. He is doing great on it. It is so neat to watch him. I put him up in the woods with us over the weekend and he just worked and worked. He was breaking sticks, chewing weeds/brush, and digging a burrow. 

Yep, you've seen it all. A bunny on a leash!!


Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

I love when a job gets done! Don't you. It looks nice and neat around the black barn. LOL that is the first time I have every seen a bunny with leash. Do what works and it looks like it is working.

Stacy Dick said...

Me too Teresa. I think the bunny on the leash is the funniest thing. But it is working.