Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Views around our Homestead

This past weekend has been just a blessed one.

Kevin had hernia surgery on Thursday. He was down and out all day Thursday, but by the next day he was up and ready to walk. He is healing up so well. I am so thankful! 

He has had some time off and has to rest! He also can't lift more than 3 pounds so I have been busy covering both of our chores around here. 

We went to Uncle Johns house on Friday evening to get Kevin out to walk and he enjoyed helping us pick some fresh vegetables. His garden is just amazing! 

Here is Karson playing in the freshly tilled dirt. The boys just have a ball there. 

We also got our first pickin of corn in our own garden this weekend! It was seriously like Christmas. This is our first year that our garden has done so well. I will never forget how Karson acted when he shucked that first ear of corn.

Bailey patrols the playground for me. 

Karson has also fished at our fishin hole every day. Uncle John gave the boys cane poles to fish with so they are enjoying those.

Our new Japanese Bantams are seriously the cutest things I've ever seen! They are so sweet and stick right together. 

They are so low to the ground. 

Mario (our new rooster) is doing well also, getting acquainted to his new crew! He doesn't go in the chicken coop at night. He roosts in a tree, while all the girls make it in around 7pm each night.

Some nights it's hard to get the girls to follow me in. It's a struggle each night. Normally food does the trick!

I think that's about all the news I have to share. It's the first week of school here in West Virginia, and I'm a mess. Our oldest son is off to Kindergarten :(

Have a great week!

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Darren Lanphere said...

What great news for Kevin! I hope his healing is steady. Anyway, looks like little Karson is enjoying some dirty work. Hahaha! I remember that when I was a kid, I also loved playing the farmer. It's awesome that you have such a bountiful harvest this year. I hope all years after bare the same results, or even greater! Thank you for sharing that slice of your life! I wish everyone the best of health!

Darren Lanphere @ Mirr Ranch Group