Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why different chicken breeds?

I am going to do a series of posts about different chicken breeds that I personally am familiar with. 

I hope your reading this because your interested in raising chickens. 

You won't regret it!

(Americana breed Rooster)

It's important to know the breed names and the type of chicken they are when deciding which chickens will be best for your homestead. I have many favorites, and love to learn more about each breed.

(Orphington Rooster ) 

There are many questions to ask yourself when choosing which chicken will be best for you.

Do you want a good laying chicken?

Do you want a good broody hen? (momma who will sit on eggs)

Does this type of chicken like to be pinned up, or will she become very bored and need lots of roaming time?

Is this chicken good with other chickens?

Is this chicken friendly, and good with children?

(Leghorn chicken)

There are hundreds of different breeds available for purchase. Some of the breeds that we personally have raised are:

 Rhode Islands, Buff Orphingtons, Bantams, Leghorns, Japanese Bantam, and Plymouth Rock.

(Rhode Island Red)

My personal favorite hen is Plymouth Rock or Buff Orpington. I love the "big stock" chickens. 

Basically the "big stock" name comes from the chicken looking very hulky and big. It's not nessesarily that they have ate a lot, but rather their breed that gives them this appearance. They waddle when they walk, and I just love their personalities. 

(Plymouth Rock & Buff Orpington Rooster)

The Rhode Island Reds are very common in the agricultural stores in the spring. When you see 100 little baby chicks at Tractor Supply or Southern States, chances are that they are Rhode Islands. They are good layers, but it takes about 7 months for them to begin laying. Rhode Island rarely sit on their eggs. They are not know for being good broody hens.

(White Leghorns, Rhode Island Red, Americana Rooster)

We have also had the bantam breed. They are very small and friendly. They are easy to catch because of their short stature. Our boys love our bantam. 


What is your favorite chicken breed and why? 

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

I have always wanted to raise chicken ...I keep hearing of different ones say they are starting to raise them..I just sigh ** One day I hope.

Thanks for the post this is good to know.