Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why different chicken breeds?

I am going to do a series of posts about different chicken breeds that I personally am familiar with. 

I hope your reading this because your interested in raising chickens. 

You won't regret it!

(Americana breed Rooster)

It's important to know the breed names and the type of chicken they are when deciding which chickens will be best for your homestead. I have many favorites, and love to learn more about each breed.

(Orphington Rooster ) 

There are many questions to ask yourself when choosing which chicken will be best for you.

Do you want a good laying chicken?

Do you want a good broody hen? (momma who will sit on eggs)

Does this type of chicken like to be pinned up, or will she become very bored and need lots of roaming time?

Is this chicken good with other chickens?

Is this chicken friendly, and good with children?

(Leghorn chicken)

There are hundreds of different breeds available for purchase. Some of the breeds that we personally have raised are:

 Rhode Islands, Buff Orphingtons, Bantams, Leghorns, Japanese Bantam, and Plymouth Rock.

(Rhode Island Red)

My personal favorite hen is Plymouth Rock or Buff Orpington. I love the "big stock" chickens. 

Basically the "big stock" name comes from the chicken looking very hulky and big. It's not nessesarily that they have ate a lot, but rather their breed that gives them this appearance. They waddle when they walk, and I just love their personalities. 

(Plymouth Rock & Buff Orpington Rooster)

The Rhode Island Reds are very common in the agricultural stores in the spring. When you see 100 little baby chicks at Tractor Supply or Southern States, chances are that they are Rhode Islands. They are good layers, but it takes about 7 months for them to begin laying. Rhode Island rarely sit on their eggs. They are not know for being good broody hens.

(White Leghorns, Rhode Island Red, Americana Rooster)

We have also had the bantam breed. They are very small and friendly. They are easy to catch because of their short stature. Our boys love our bantam. 


What is your favorite chicken breed and why? 

Sunday, July 27, 2014


This summer, I made a deal with myself. 

I need to be reading! 

After I graduated college 3 years ago I was pretty burnt out on reading. But, I always tell the boys if your not reading and learning your brain will turn to mush. (Ok maybe a bit much but hey!) 

I went to the bookstore and wanted to find a good series. I also wanted it to be up lifting and inspirational. I have always been interested in the Amish way of living. So I picked up this book. 

Plain Pease written by Beth Wisemen. I couldn't put it down and read it everywhere. 

While watching the boys swim in the pool...

I then went to the next in the series Plain Promise. Love reading on the front porch in my swing, in my favorite spot :) Is it just me, or do you have "your spot" in different places around your home? I do.

Sitting by the creek while my boys fish, I read! 

Its very peaceful to read outback by our garden. I watch the boys and their daddy work on the barn. The chickens are pecking and the cat is curled up at my feet. 

I have mentioned to Kevin I would love to go to an Amish home and have dinner. You can actually do that, I've looked into it. Amish families do host others into their home as a means of making money. I am really thinking that would be a great trip for Kevin and I next Spring as an anniversary trip for 8 years.

In the back of each book are Amish recipes. They are all so unique. I made the chicken wraps one night for dinner. My whole family loved them, which is rare for everyone to agree. 

If you are looking for an uplifting series to read, pick up one of these books. They are so easy and fun to read.

I think the reason I love these books so much, is to know more about their simple life.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Barn Update

We have been working on the barn every minute that we can. Our goal was to finish it before Kipton's birthday, but that just wasn't enough time.

 We ran out of wood so we ordered more from the saw mill, so that set us back 1 week. We saved half of what it would have cost if we would have bought our lumber from Lowes. We were very pleased with our wood. 

Last night Kevin built the chicken coop door.

He has never built a barn before, but my dad has given him pointers and helped him along the way. He is always willing to learn. I am so thankful for that.

I was nominated to do the painting on the outside. My mom helped me a while, and it was appreciated because it was a lot of painting. The paint we chose was black barn and fence paint from Tractor Supply.

Once it gets on your skin, there is no getting it off.

The boys, were covered :)

I got three big walls finished. Then it rained, and splashed mud up all around the bottom. I was so upset, and then Kevin reminded me that it is just a barn. :)

This is the stall we also finished today. Going into the chicken coop area.

We decided to put wire on the top to give them a good breeze. We have to be VERY careful to make everything raccoon proof. I wanted to make it all wire, but it is just too risky. We are very cautious about every part of building due to the raccoons we have here in WV.

We always have helping hands. The boys LOVE work. 

When I told Kipton to wish on his birthday cake, he wished out loud to go to work. :) 
That's just how much they love work.

The sure do get it from their daddy. He just works and works. 

We have been waiting to tear down our old chicken coop. Now is the time. Kevin sold it on Facebook, and it's bittersweet but we are happy to have this nice area for chickens, and goats, and some cows. 

Our next step is to build the roof.

This step may take a while. We are doing a TIN roof, and have to order it. Before we can order we have to build the roof  with wood. I'm not exactly sure of what the plan is on that, but I know Kevin and my dad have all the details planned out.

Kevin has fell off the roof once during this project. He's also scheduled to have a small outpatient surgery next Thursday. We may be at a stand still on the barn for a while, but that's OK. He needs time to rest and heal. Please keep him in your prayers.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Just some things....

I never want to forget my three special guys, and how much I love them! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Bulldozer Birthday Party for Kip

On Sunday, our sweet Kipton Lee turned four years old.

 It is so hard to believe. We started our Sunday like all others and got everyone ready and headed to church. My husband and I with Kipton before we left for church. Kipton loves going to church.

After church we came home, ate lunch, and waited for family and friends to arrive. The boys were anxious for everyone to come to our house for a visit. When we have visitors, it's a special day for the boys. 

One of Kipton's favorite things is tractors and bulldozers. My dad has a bulldozer and so he has grown up loving to take rides, and play with small bulldozers.We had a lady make this cake and she did an awesome job. She is an older lady who has been making cakes for YEARS, and she still only charges $10 for a cake. She said she had extra batter left from making this cake, so she just made him another one too. 

Normally, I am not one to go all out for birthday parties and think we need the best cake and the best decorations. This was a real treat! I thought she was just going to make a sheet cake and put bulldozers on it. I was so surprised and of course the birthday boy LOVED it!

We had all of our family there (minus a few), and a set of brothers that our boys like to play with. They had the best time and everyone enjoyed the fellowship. Karson (black shirt) singing to his brother. I thought this picture was just soo sweet. He LOVES him so much.

Look at that face. So thankful and blessed.

Kipton was so excited for presents as well. 

I have to tell you about Kipton and his love for country music. 

He LOVES to sing and tap his foot like a country singer. My parents got him a guitar and microphone so he can really bring his singing to life. He loves for me to put on country songs and he will sing along. He loves Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton. Most of the time he also wants to wear his jeans, belt, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots, but he had been playing outside and we didn't have the chance to dress him up as well. 

I'm sure this will keep him busy. 

It was a great birthday party. The kids just played and the adults talked and watched the kids enjoy. The boys were tired by the end of the night, and I captured this picture of Kevin with the boys watching Legos.

Watching your children enjoy a day is just so special. I hope I never forget this 4th birthday.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kipton has a Birthday!! 4

Wow! On one hand I feel this day has taken forever. On the other hand, I can't believe you entered this world 4 years ago. 

Turning 4 is a great milestone. No more baby or toddler. You really are a "big boy". Here are a few things I want to tell you about how amazing you are at four years old. 

You love singing. Nana is going to get you a microphone and guitar for your birthday and you will be estatic!!

You love country music. Jason Aldean, Eric church, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton are some of your favorites. You try so hard to know the lyrics. 

You have always kept us on our toes. You have been the easy child to transition and separate from home and family. But you are also the temper on the floor child at times. 

You are so funny. You love to make jokes and rarely act serious. 

You know how to dress yourself and brush teeth. 

You are a good worker. 

You like to fish, take walks, ride your 4-wheeler, play in the sand, play with trucks, bubbles, and have started showing an interest in baseball. 

You love meeting up with friends at the park. You really love to play outside. 

You are very good at board games, Bingo, and puzzles. You know all of your letters A-Z and numbers 1-15. You know all colors, shapes, sizes, and rhyming words. You also know some letter sounds all from hearing mommy teach Karson. 

You love being with daddy and mommy. However, Karson is truly your world. 

When Karson is not home, you are lost so I have to keep you busy or you'll just mope around. 

This summer you went to the beach, fished a lot, ride rides at Camden Park, swam in many pools, went to your first VBS, and rode your bike almost everyday. 

The plan for you this fall/school year is to have you stay home with mom again. Because of your late summer birthday we decided it would be best to not send you to Kindergarten right at a 5 year old so you still have 2 years until that time. I hope to help you grow and learn at home. This fall will be a big adjustment with Karson leaving for school each day. 

You love animals. You carry the dogs, the cat, and the chickens around like they are dolls. 

I love you Kipton. You are a special special guy. 

I hope your birthday and party we have planned is all you hoped for!