Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kipton has a Birthday!! 4

Wow! On one hand I feel this day has taken forever. On the other hand, I can't believe you entered this world 4 years ago. 

Turning 4 is a great milestone. No more baby or toddler. You really are a "big boy". Here are a few things I want to tell you about how amazing you are at four years old. 

You love singing. Nana is going to get you a microphone and guitar for your birthday and you will be estatic!!

You love country music. Jason Aldean, Eric church, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton are some of your favorites. You try so hard to know the lyrics. 

You have always kept us on our toes. You have been the easy child to transition and separate from home and family. But you are also the temper on the floor child at times. 

You are so funny. You love to make jokes and rarely act serious. 

You know how to dress yourself and brush teeth. 

You are a good worker. 

You like to fish, take walks, ride your 4-wheeler, play in the sand, play with trucks, bubbles, and have started showing an interest in baseball. 

You love meeting up with friends at the park. You really love to play outside. 

You are very good at board games, Bingo, and puzzles. You know all of your letters A-Z and numbers 1-15. You know all colors, shapes, sizes, and rhyming words. You also know some letter sounds all from hearing mommy teach Karson. 

You love being with daddy and mommy. However, Karson is truly your world. 

When Karson is not home, you are lost so I have to keep you busy or you'll just mope around. 

This summer you went to the beach, fished a lot, ride rides at Camden Park, swam in many pools, went to your first VBS, and rode your bike almost everyday. 

The plan for you this fall/school year is to have you stay home with mom again. Because of your late summer birthday we decided it would be best to not send you to Kindergarten right at a 5 year old so you still have 2 years until that time. I hope to help you grow and learn at home. This fall will be a big adjustment with Karson leaving for school each day. 

You love animals. You carry the dogs, the cat, and the chickens around like they are dolls. 

I love you Kipton. You are a special special guy. 

I hope your birthday and party we have planned is all you hoped for! 

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