Monday, July 21, 2014

A Bulldozer Birthday Party for Kip

On Sunday, our sweet Kipton Lee turned four years old.

 It is so hard to believe. We started our Sunday like all others and got everyone ready and headed to church. My husband and I with Kipton before we left for church. Kipton loves going to church.

After church we came home, ate lunch, and waited for family and friends to arrive. The boys were anxious for everyone to come to our house for a visit. When we have visitors, it's a special day for the boys. 

One of Kipton's favorite things is tractors and bulldozers. My dad has a bulldozer and so he has grown up loving to take rides, and play with small bulldozers.We had a lady make this cake and she did an awesome job. She is an older lady who has been making cakes for YEARS, and she still only charges $10 for a cake. She said she had extra batter left from making this cake, so she just made him another one too. 

Normally, I am not one to go all out for birthday parties and think we need the best cake and the best decorations. This was a real treat! I thought she was just going to make a sheet cake and put bulldozers on it. I was so surprised and of course the birthday boy LOVED it!

We had all of our family there (minus a few), and a set of brothers that our boys like to play with. They had the best time and everyone enjoyed the fellowship. Karson (black shirt) singing to his brother. I thought this picture was just soo sweet. He LOVES him so much.

Look at that face. So thankful and blessed.

Kipton was so excited for presents as well. 

I have to tell you about Kipton and his love for country music. 

He LOVES to sing and tap his foot like a country singer. My parents got him a guitar and microphone so he can really bring his singing to life. He loves for me to put on country songs and he will sing along. He loves Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton. Most of the time he also wants to wear his jeans, belt, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots, but he had been playing outside and we didn't have the chance to dress him up as well. 

I'm sure this will keep him busy. 

It was a great birthday party. The kids just played and the adults talked and watched the kids enjoy. The boys were tired by the end of the night, and I captured this picture of Kevin with the boys watching Legos.

Watching your children enjoy a day is just so special. I hope I never forget this 4th birthday.

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