Monday, July 14, 2014

A Barn Building

Back in March we started gathering our thoughts, ideas, and drawings on building a barn. We needed more space, for more animals and storage.

When we built our home 4 years ago, Kevin also built us a chicken coop. It has served its purpose, but it was becoming a hassle to clean, and gather eggs. It will only hold 8 chickens, and we are ready to expand. We love chickens, their eggs, and want to get into incubation and hatching.

So in April, we began slowly building a barn. With Kevins work schedule, its hard to get a lot done on the barn and keep up with general up keep of our home. We were really in no hurry, and it was a family project. It was nice to do a little here, and a little there. The boys have loved helping, and we've all learned a lot.

We had to build the barn AROUND the chicken coop. We couldn't tear it down, or they would have no place to go at night. Here in a few days, we will be tearing it down.

We couldn't have done any of it without my dads help. He has already built a barn on their property, so he has the knowledge.

The barn will have 3 stalls.

The first is for a chicken coop. It is very large and will have an outdoor run for them on the back. Kevin is going to build new nesting boxes, and feeders and make it all kid friendly so the boys will be fully in charge of the chickens.

The 2nd stall is for new animals. We know of 1 goat and a rabbit so far. The goat will help eat grass and brush off our property, and the rabbit is because the boys have been asking for many many months. Next year we hope to have fenced in some land for a calf.

The 3rd stall will be for storage. We haven't had a shed for 4 years so I will be so happy to clean the garage and send some of it down to the barn.

We are so excited!

We have all of the siding on the barn, and this weekend mom and I painted the whole outside black. We used Barn & Fence paint from Tractor Supply.

Next is the tin roof, and building doors.

We are getting there. My goal was to be finished by Kiptons birthday which is this Sunday.

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

Can't wait to see the final project.
Love all the photo's and peeks in to your life. Thanks for sharing.