Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Memories

It's time for me to dump a bunch of poor quality pictures from my phone onto my blog for memories sake. 

We've had such a great summer together. I love these boys and the bond they share. It's unbelievable! 

They love playing at home, on our playground. Eating popsicles. 

We enjoyed the 4th with Nana and Papaw Brad. We sat by their outdoor fire. It is so nice. Kevin and my dad put off a few fireworks for the boys. Mom cooked pizza breads on the grill. 

Sparklers and pop-its were a hit. Anything with a BANG is what boys like. 

They have went to VBS at a church near our house. I am so proud of them, because they have never been to this church but have loved all of the days. They made these masks the first night, and proudly wore them when we got home for a picture. 

They have had many visits to the fishing store with their daddy. A rare can of pop and a fishing store are a highlight! 

We have visited the park and met new friends. I am thankful that my boys are not shy in making friends. They will walk right up to other kids, and make friends instantly. 

Karson went with his Nana (my mom) this week and picked out his Kindergarten backpack. He chose Lego's. It was a great idea because he LOVES building with Legos each night before bedtime. He also got a lunch box. They finished up their fun trip with lunch at McDonald's per request from Karson. :) 

They love to pick me flowers, roots and all. I have to laugh everytime. 

More park days. Fun summer playing.

They have visited with both sets of grandparents many times this summer. This day they were visiting their Mamaw (Kevin's mom) and after swimming, they built a tent. 

Then, they hoped into their Papaw's boat for a picture. They sure think they are special. Cousin Dane is also in the picture too.

They have both grown so tall this summer. 

It has been one great summer, with many great experiences. 

The best memories do not include money. It's TIME & relationships. That's what is important. 

I can think of a million memories from my childhood. They all have to do with time.

Playing barbies all day long. Swimming, playing house, being with neighborhood friends, VBS, riding my bike, church events, and being with my family are the memories in my mind.

The memories are just priceless. 

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

love this post...a lot of great summer memories you are giving to your boys..ones they will never forget.