Tuesday, July 8, 2014

When your life is full of CLUTTER!

If you come to my house, it is free from clutter. That's because I am a stasher!

I always have been. I don't have clutter out in my rooms, but rather in my closet, and upstairs in the attic. This past weekend, in the midst of 4th of July we decided to throw in a yard sale.

To get rid of clutter.

My husband is so good at hosting yard sales. 

It feels so good to de-clutter our home, and our lives.

My theory is, if you haven't touched it in 6 months, it's going in the yard sale.

We don't need "stuff", to really make us happy. It is a temporary fix to go to the mall and buy, but really it becomes old and then it's clutter.

Getting rid of clutter in your house, is a good thing. 

Getting rid of clutter in your mind and heart, is an even better thing. 

I am working on both. 

I have held on to grudges for too long. I have held on to negative friendships for too long. I have prayed, and read, and thought about how to de-clutter my mind. I have the answer. 

Through Jesus Christ. 

Clutter in your mind comes from the outside world. It's something we can't get away from. 

Garbage in, Garbage OUT. 

But through prayer, and reading you can de-clutter. 

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Teresa @ Simply Farmhouse said...

This is so true Stacy..I empty our home about 4 years ago. My closets are very light as well. Love this post! Teresa