Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Modesty Challenge Part 2

I blogged about a challenge that Nicole from Children are a Blessing has up on her blog. 

She is Challenging women to wear skirts/dresses for one week to honor The Lord. If this is new to you, how do you feel? Do you feel different and is this something you feel The Lord has put on your heart? 

Please link up your posts, and any other post about modesty you have written on Nicole's blog. I am late getting this up because I have been battling a sinus infection. :( 

I only have two outfits to share today. I am not so good with taking pictures of myself because, well, I'm busy :) but I'm trying to do a little better. 

Jean Skirt : Goodwill
Yellow Top : Target
Necklace: gift from my Mom

Another day that I remembered to take a picture, was when we were visiting my parents. We had both been doin yard work prior so my hair is pulled back. 

Skirt : Amazon
Shirt : Goodwill (Gap)
Shoes: Old Navy


I haven't fully switched to wearing skirts. Mainly, because I only have about 6 that actual meet the requirements I have in my mind about what The Lord would want. The rest that I wore in college/high school have been donated to Goodwill. 

I think the hardest part about wearing skirts everyday, is the heat. I get hot easily, and sometimes a pair of long shorts make me cooler than a skirt. So my question is....

What type of skirt do you wear in the DEAD heat of summer?

Did anyone else take this challenge? 

I just love the idea of it, and it is really on my mind a lot. 

Part 1 is HERE!

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