Friday, July 4, 2014

God's Timing

It's July. I'm so thankful it's July. 

June was not so great. Many unexpected things happened that I won't go into detail about, but know it was hard. Hard times do bring you closer as a family. 

God knows his timing. We do not, but he sure does. In the midst of bad events, God saw fit for this cat to come to our home. 

To bring us joy! To help create our servants heart. To create a lesson on love, care, and nurturing for our two boys. To give me something else to think about, rather than worry.

As silly as it sounds, God's timing with our "coal cat", was good timing. 

We all needed lifting. He is fun, adventurous, loveable, and truly just wants to have a family who loves him.

God's timing may not be to fix the problems we have right now, but to prepare our hearts on how to love better. 

Even if it means taking in a starving, hurt, cat. 

I am thankful.

For God's timing.

In July.

And in every other month. 

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