Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Happenings

My pansies are so full and colorful right now. We've had a lot of rain so our flowers and grass are going crazy. 

My grandma got this bird feeder for the boys and it has really been fun to watch them come and go. We keep it outback so it's easy to see while we eat at the kitchen table. 

Our chickens are so fun to watch. We currently have 22 hens and 2 roosters. It's been interesting to say the least. They are so fun to take pictures of! 

Our new rooster's name is Goldie. The poor boy can't crow very good, but he surely gives it his best effort every morning around 6:30am. Our other rooster is actually still a chick. You never really know if your getting a hen or rooster when you buy them as chicks. We are hoping they get along when they are put together. For now we have them separated.  

We have had some great spring weather. Warm and rainy! 

Great for ice cream cones.

We recently got a picnic table for our backyard. The boys would rather dance and eat ice cream on it, than sit :)

We are currently in route to Florida for vacation. It's been a great drive so far with about 9 more hours to go :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Our random days!

Being a stay at home mom of little ones is hard! Any mom who's been there will agree. It's more of a mind game than being physically hard. The main way to help yourself emotionally, is finding balance. Planning my days a little seems to really help me. We certainly don't run around every day. However, its good to get out some too and enjoy your community and the resources it brings. 

One of our favorite trips is to our downtown square. Getting a coffee (and chocolate milk for the boys), playing by the fountain, visiting the book store, and riding the escalator many many times.

We LOVE finding new Lego books. It's like a new treasure to the boys. We read 2 every.single.night before bed.

We also plan our days around church days. I found a quote once that said, "if your too busy for church, then your just too busy." I really love that. 

Last Wednesday after bible study, Kipton asked if we could get ice cream at the ice cream shoppe that was on our way home. I said we had some at home and we could make our own sundaes. They were both in heaven, and we had to go straight to the bath. He is a mess when eating!

This past week, we also tried out a new restaurant in our town. Chipotle. I think it's bigger in larger cites, but it's new to us. Kipton hated it, but Karson and I loved it. It was a great lunch! 

Our baby chicks are growing bigger and bigger. They love being outside, and are eating a ton!

We had some 80 degree weather this past weekend. The boys asked to break out the baby pool. It was a good, hot, day. 

So thankful to be home with these two! There isn't a paper paycheck every week, but there sure is a reward!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday's Favorites

Some of my favorite things from this past week:

1. We had one of the BEST Easter Days we've had as a family. We I got up super early around 6am to be ready for the early service where I had to teach the 3-5 year old class, then we attended the later service. We had an amazing service at our church. It was truly amazing, breath taking, and made EVERY woman there cry. We came home to take some pictures in a field right by our house. After pictures, we had our family over for Easter dinner at our house and an egg hunt for the boys around the yard. Everyone had a great time and it was so fun. 

2. This week my weeping willow tree decided it should look good for Easter. I was almost ready to have Kevin dig it up and take it back to the greenhouse we bought it from. Thankfully, it's going to make the red clay we have for dirt around here. 

3. We've had some pretty awesome spring weather here in WV. The mornings are kinda cool, but by lunch we are ready to eat popsicles for an after lunch dessert :) Our grass is so green too...that's like my favorite thing in the whole wide world. My heaven will have bright green grass with no weeds :) 

4. We dyed Easter eggs on Easter Sunday, and it was ACTUALLY fun this year :) I say that because it seems like the fun and exciting thing to do with kids, but let's be honest it's not. They are impatient, and don't keep them in long enough to even look nice. Then I am deciding what to do with them. Do most of you eat them?? I never know what to do. This year they loved it and really didn't want to stop dying them. It's a good thing we have chickens around here!

A pretty proud fellow who really enjoyed letting them sit :)

5. Even though the boys liked their Easter bunny surprises, they weren't all about it which makes me happy. Easter seems to be so blown up in our society. People are posting pictures of their Easter baskets that looks more like Christmas morning to be in competition with another family. I despise Facebook more and more. My boys got a pair of pajamas and some egg gum. That's it! They loved it. 

I am so thankful that we have a Savior that rose from the dead. How amazing that story is! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break

Last week Karson was on Spring Break from preschool, which meant we truly had no where to be for an entire week. It was nice! We mostly stayed home and worked around the house. 

Kipton LOVES our two dogs. (Lexi and Bailey) You can see the fluff of white hair on his left and that is Bailey laying on his back so Kipton will pet him. 

We played a lot in the creek. Since this time we have seen 4 water snakes in this creek. So I'm a bit leery now of being down there, but the boys don't care. 

We have spent a lot of time at church. This picture was taken of Kipton at our Easter Communion on a Wednesday night. They love eating at church. Or maybe, they just love eating. 

We played at the park a few times. Kipton rode this pig, and said he would like to have a real pig to ride.

We went to Dane's 7th birthday party. Kevin's parents bought the boys this basketball shooter and they really have a good time. Even the adults play and try to beat each other. It's fun!

We went fishing 3 different times at the lake by our house. Kevin caught the first bass at about 3 1/2 pounds. 

Shortly after his catch, Karson was fishing on his own when he said he was snagged on a log. I reached over to try and help him and saw a huge fish on his line. He reeled this big boy in and I about DIED! I get SOO excited, especially when the boys catch something. 

We have this old fishing boat that Kevin's dad bought for them to fish in when he was 8. He passed it down to Kevin, and it truly is the best little boat. So fun!

I'm so thankful to stay home with the boys. We can all enjoy their school breaks together. 

I never want to forget this moments. They are growing so fast!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

So thankful for Jesus and what he did for us on this day. Every morning this week we have had a short bible study about what Easter means. The boys and I have really enjoyed it! 

We enjoyed our Good Friday together getting some jobs done around the house, and then boating/fishing this evening. 

Kevin caught the first bass that was around 3 1/2 pounds. Shortly after Karson was fishing on his own and said he was snagged on a log. He started realing and soon realized it was another large mouth about 4 pounds. (Top left) 

It was such an amazing day with my guys. The only reason I was able to have this day, was because Jesus died for me and for you!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Church Egg Hunt 2014

Our Church had their Easter Egg hunt this past weekend. They always do a community outreach each month. This month was the Easter Egg hunt for the entire community. Kevin worked setting up the event along with some other men from our small group. We had to get there early, but the boys didn't care one bit. They loved running around, and playing on the inflatables that the church had rented. 

Shortly before 11:00 they announced that everyone should come to the bleachers and sit down for an exciting surprise. Kipton was on edge waiting for this surprise and just couldn't wait!!!

Then came down a helicopter right onto the football field. The pilot came out with the special eggs that had the prizes in them. The Easter bunny was also there waving and hugging the kids. It was really breath taking to watch this helicopter come down so close. 

The kids 1-4 were up first to hunt eggs on the field. Kipton ran and ran to get those eggs. He had the best time. 

Next up was Karson's group (5-9) and Kevin took him out. 

He was so serious and dead set on getting the most eggs to find a "special" one.

Checkin' eggs!

We found a winner! One of Karson's eggs had a special ticket. He got to go to the stand where the prizes were and claim his prize. He won a kite, and a baseball bat and ball. Some kids were winning bikes. I think they gave away 9 bikes that day. WOW!

I am so thankful for a fun Saturday for the whole family! The boys had a blast, and have been talking about the day every day since then. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A few iPhone pictures!

Just a picture post of some things I don't want to forget. 

We were at a hunting store last week and every time we see a hunting blind, Karson thinks we should stay for hours and let him play in it. LOVES anything to do with hunting.

We have been visiting Nana & Papaw a lot since she had her surgery. They LOVE swimming in their hot tub!

Candy Land winner for the 100th time :)

Baby chick lovin'

Relaxing with my boy!

Relaxin' and playing by the creek.

Helping momma cut strawberrys. 

Love these boys. They make life interesting and fun! This week we are on Spring Break! Yipee!