Monday, April 14, 2014

Church Egg Hunt 2014

Our Church had their Easter Egg hunt this past weekend. They always do a community outreach each month. This month was the Easter Egg hunt for the entire community. Kevin worked setting up the event along with some other men from our small group. We had to get there early, but the boys didn't care one bit. They loved running around, and playing on the inflatables that the church had rented. 

Shortly before 11:00 they announced that everyone should come to the bleachers and sit down for an exciting surprise. Kipton was on edge waiting for this surprise and just couldn't wait!!!

Then came down a helicopter right onto the football field. The pilot came out with the special eggs that had the prizes in them. The Easter bunny was also there waving and hugging the kids. It was really breath taking to watch this helicopter come down so close. 

The kids 1-4 were up first to hunt eggs on the field. Kipton ran and ran to get those eggs. He had the best time. 

Next up was Karson's group (5-9) and Kevin took him out. 

He was so serious and dead set on getting the most eggs to find a "special" one.

Checkin' eggs!

We found a winner! One of Karson's eggs had a special ticket. He got to go to the stand where the prizes were and claim his prize. He won a kite, and a baseball bat and ball. Some kids were winning bikes. I think they gave away 9 bikes that day. WOW!

I am so thankful for a fun Saturday for the whole family! The boys had a blast, and have been talking about the day every day since then. 

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Kelley said...

How cool! The boys look so adorable!!