Monday, April 28, 2014

Our random days!

Being a stay at home mom of little ones is hard! Any mom who's been there will agree. It's more of a mind game than being physically hard. The main way to help yourself emotionally, is finding balance. Planning my days a little seems to really help me. We certainly don't run around every day. However, its good to get out some too and enjoy your community and the resources it brings. 

One of our favorite trips is to our downtown square. Getting a coffee (and chocolate milk for the boys), playing by the fountain, visiting the book store, and riding the escalator many many times.

We LOVE finding new Lego books. It's like a new treasure to the boys. We read 2 every.single.night before bed.

We also plan our days around church days. I found a quote once that said, "if your too busy for church, then your just too busy." I really love that. 

Last Wednesday after bible study, Kipton asked if we could get ice cream at the ice cream shoppe that was on our way home. I said we had some at home and we could make our own sundaes. They were both in heaven, and we had to go straight to the bath. He is a mess when eating!

This past week, we also tried out a new restaurant in our town. Chipotle. I think it's bigger in larger cites, but it's new to us. Kipton hated it, but Karson and I loved it. It was a great lunch! 

Our baby chicks are growing bigger and bigger. They love being outside, and are eating a ton!

We had some 80 degree weather this past weekend. The boys asked to break out the baby pool. It was a good, hot, day. 

So thankful to be home with these two! There isn't a paper paycheck every week, but there sure is a reward!

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Anita said...

I have to agree with you--being a SAHM is very hard. And I have definitely been having some trying days lately. And I also have to agree with Kipton--I am not a Chipotle fan. We have a Moe's about 45 minutes from us and I definitely prefer it. I think Chipotle is either and love it or hate thing. I hate it, but our pastor and his family LOVE it. LOL