Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break

Last week Karson was on Spring Break from preschool, which meant we truly had no where to be for an entire week. It was nice! We mostly stayed home and worked around the house. 

Kipton LOVES our two dogs. (Lexi and Bailey) You can see the fluff of white hair on his left and that is Bailey laying on his back so Kipton will pet him. 

We played a lot in the creek. Since this time we have seen 4 water snakes in this creek. So I'm a bit leery now of being down there, but the boys don't care. 

We have spent a lot of time at church. This picture was taken of Kipton at our Easter Communion on a Wednesday night. They love eating at church. Or maybe, they just love eating. 

We played at the park a few times. Kipton rode this pig, and said he would like to have a real pig to ride.

We went to Dane's 7th birthday party. Kevin's parents bought the boys this basketball shooter and they really have a good time. Even the adults play and try to beat each other. It's fun!

We went fishing 3 different times at the lake by our house. Kevin caught the first bass at about 3 1/2 pounds. 

Shortly after his catch, Karson was fishing on his own when he said he was snagged on a log. I reached over to try and help him and saw a huge fish on his line. He reeled this big boy in and I about DIED! I get SOO excited, especially when the boys catch something. 

We have this old fishing boat that Kevin's dad bought for them to fish in when he was 8. He passed it down to Kevin, and it truly is the best little boat. So fun!

I'm so thankful to stay home with the boys. We can all enjoy their school breaks together. 

I never want to forget this moments. They are growing so fast!

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Clara said...

Hello! I found your blog via the Huntington SAHM group's pinterest board. My husband and I moved to Eastern, KY at the beginning of the year for his job and as a SAHM/W if has been very hard/almost impossible to meet people, especially ones that share common interests and values. Although we live an hour away from Huntington, I have considered trying to come to some of the meeting for the group. If nothing else I thought I'd reach out as a blogging friend in a similar area. :) I feel like we have several things in common.
I hope this didn't sound crazy stalkerish, because I am not like that haha! :)