Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Eve

Yep...your eyes are not deceiving that is SNOW!
It is October and it snowed almost 4 inches here in West Virginia. The cold front came in from Hurricane Sandy and pushed wind and snow our way. When the boys woke up they couldn't stop looking out the window. Thankfully Kevin was off work and we could get out that morning for a little sledding and fun!
They loved being pulled by the 4-wheeler. Something that I did when we were growing up and it is so fun to watch the boys have fun with it too!!
We came back in for some hot chocolate! The boys love it, but use up alot of marshmallows. Probably not the healthiest snack but it is so good on snow days.
We stayed home on this day because of the snow and we really didn't have any plans anyway. After our sledding and lunch we all took naps. Well besides me...I did laundry :) But the boys and Kevin took naps and woke up in time for dinner.
We had spaghetti and then decided to carve some pumpkins with Kevin's help.
Of course just a simple knife wouldn't be have to break out the power tools with Kevin. The boys loved drilling holes in the pumpkin. They could have cared less about the goop inside or making a funny face. It was all about the power tools.
Kevin wanted to create this great pumpkin creation and it turned out to be really bad. So he cut a hole and put it on his head! HA Seriously? The boys and I were dying laughing.
We had a fun Halloween Eve at home with the snow and pumpkin carving.
On the 31st we had a preschool morning and here is Karson before we headed out.
He is still very picky about his clothes but agreed to wear this last Halloween shirt for mommy. I had him another fun glow in the dark skelton shirt that he down right refused to wear so we agreed he would wear this ghost shirt. I tell you....boys are high maintence about their clothes.
He said "Mom can't I just wear a baseball shirt or something?" lol it was kind of funny but I told him just 1 more time with a Halloween shirt.
Here is another Halloween shirt that I made for them and had their name monogrammed. I wanted to add it so that I remembered. I am a total junky for seasonal clothes for the boys. I LOVE them!
Tonight is our actual trick or treat night. It got changed to Nov 1 because of the snow storm. We would have been trick or treating in the snow if they kept the original date of Oct 30.
The boys are excited to "knock on peoples door". Kevin has to work this evening so we are taking Papaw Brad along with us. I feel like Halloween has been going on for weeks!
 I am ready for it to be over :)

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