Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Finale

To end the longest Halloween week ever...we ended it the best way. Serving to others with our church. We participated in Trunk or Treat with our group of friends from small group. We didn't do it at our church, we actually went to a very low income housing and did it for those kids. It was wonderful! Brought tears to my eyes multiple times.
One of the proudest moments as parents we have had is our boys not wanting any of our candy we were handing out but willingly giving it to others. They sat for 1 whole hour giving out candy to kids. Never ate a piece until we were done. Karson of course was making huge conversation with each child about what their costume was and how he liked it. He is very good about giving people compliments.
This was the best family picture I got. It is so blurry but anyway we were all hunters and Kipton was our little deer. It was pretty cute! He is so precious and such a loving child.
Tonight we had our reschedule trick or treat but I didn't take any pictures. I totally forgot my camera while trying to get the boys ready and out by myself. Kevin had to work so my dad went with us. It was fun and the boys had a blast "actual" trick or treating. Kipton kept saying
"Hey guys wait up for me" because Karson was walking so fast.
The boys love different costumes and telling them they like them. They really liked looking for scary guys and Karson even hugged an older guy that had a scary mask on.
After 30 minutes of trick or treating Karson said he had to pee and was done. He was happy with his little bit of candy and was ready to go. We headed back to Nana's & Pappaws and ate some candy and before too long it was time to head home and get baths, stories, and bedtime.
I am so happy Halloween is over :) Now to enjoy this candy. HAHA!

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