Saturday, November 3, 2012

House full of boys

Kevin has been hunting a lot since season started. His friend Pup from work has hunted with him a few times and they hunted for squirrel last weekend. Pup ended up staying with Kevin for 2 days hunting in different places and they had a blast.
The boys and I had a Halloween to go to this day and when we got home around 1 we had this on our back porch. Horray :)
To say that Karson loved this would be a complete understatement. HE WAS BESIDE HIMSELF!
He talks about it everyday and even told his preschool teachers. Lovely :)
It has been all about hunting here. Especially because Karson was a hunter for Halloween and has his own camo attire. Kipton had to have some know how that goes :)
The boys LOVE Pup! I think he is one of their favorite people. For 2 complete days that Kevin and him were off work they wrestled the boys, worked outside with them, hunted, ate, slept, ate, worked, hunted, ate, slept, and yeah ate!! With 4 boys in the house I could barely keep up with their eating.
They had a blast with the boys! Karson can't wait until Pup comes back for a "sleepover". I know it sounds so weird but guys don't care where they have to stay if it means they get to go hunting early in the morning and in the evenings. He slept on the couch and had 2 little boys giving him early wake up calls :) I guess this was just a taste of what life will be like with my 2 boys and their friends over. 
They are already planning their next hunting trip for this Tuesday and Wednesday! Lord helps us!

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