Sunday, November 11, 2012

Daily Life - Nov.

It's been such a BUSY fall! I can't believe we are almost ready for Thanksgiving and then it will be the busiest holiday of the year. How did we get here so soon?
Nothing much to really blog about other than being busy in the everyday life.
You know those mom things that all need done. Preschool, church, Mother's Club events, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, bathing, and playing with the boys mostly.  
We were ready to go vote on this day. We were very brave and took the boys with us and then waited in line for 1 hour!! Can you say worst situation ever. 2 toddler boys and a 1 hour wait with older people who want it quiet :) But they were good. They mostly entertained the people around us by talking their legs off. Then a few little girls came in with their ipad and the boys were good as gold.
We were both thankful to vote!
We have another busy week. This boy will have a long break from preschool for his fall break so I'm going to have to find some new ideas for entertainment now that it's getting even colder here in WV.
I want to find an empty refrigerator box for them to build a fort in. I have found many ideas on Pinterest but don't really know where I will find an empty one.
Any ideas??

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