Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Karson - 3.5

I wanted to do a little update on what Karson has been up to at 3.5 years old.
- Most days you are FULL of energy, but I have noticed a change in you when you haven't taken a vitamin with Iron.
-You are still a great eater and will eat almost anything.
- You still take a nap for about 1 or 2 hours and go to bed around 9pm. Getting you to stay in bed at night is a challenge sometimes. You say your not tired yet, but we know that you are.
- You are LOVING preschool now. It has been 3 months since you began and it has been quite a difference you've made. You don't even tell us goodbye now, you just run right in. I am so thankful for this and God saw you through this adjustment.
- You love talking and talk just about ALL day long. When we are out in stores you are always talking to someone. I guess it's a good trait to be friendly but I'm not so sure you understand "strangers" yet.
- You can sing many many songs and also say the Lords Prayer, Meal Prayer, and the Pledge of Allegiance.
- You can recognize all letters from A to Z except for D. You get that one wrong every time.
- You can recognize numbers 1-11
- You can write the letter K but that is all (for now :)
- You are a great big brother and most of the time share well with Kipton. You do know how to bargain with him over a toy you want. You know that if you want the toy Kipton has you have to give him something to replace it. You are good at "trading" as you say.
- You are very observant. If I get a new bedspread while I'm out and put it on while your asleep as soon as you wake up you tell me "Mommy I love your new bed" Mommy it's beautiful, can I lay on it to try it out? Your so funny!
- You loved Halloween and was not scared at all by the scary guys or masks.
- Your favorite stores to go to are: Lowes, Tractor Supply, and Ace Hardware (typical man)
- You love to get a $1.00 from mommy and spend it at the Dollar Tree
- You still have a blanket you sleep with that you call your "MIMI"
- You like the shows: Mickey Mouse, Oso, Mike the Knight, and Bubble Guppies. However, we don't watch TV that much but when we do these are the shows that you ask for.
- You LOVE country music especially Eric Church and your favorite song is "Drink in my Hand". I know this is not a great song for you to hear but you've heard it on the radio with daddy and came to LOVE dancing to it. You know every word. As well as Springsteen by Eric Church.
- You love country music and know how to turn it on.
- You take a bath each night with Kipton and you mainly get water in the floor because you guys have a big time.
- You love to hike, play outside, swing, ride your big bike, and explore nature.
- Most of the time you are a total joy! But I will admit that 3 years old has been VERY hard for you. I pray that you will stay on the right path always!

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