Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Parties Continued...

Our friend Brandy and Lola hosted the Mother's Club Halloween Party. It was the best time with over 20 kids and lots of mommas. She had everything you could think of to do with Halloween. Lots of good food, Halloween music, spooky decorations, crafts for the kids, games, and prizes.
The mommas were asked to dress like their children's costumes so a Hunter Girl was super easy because I already had the camo. The boys loved it too!
Here is Brandi the host at the cupcake decorating table. It was so nice and the kids loved it but I am pretty sure Karson was sneaking too many worms and sprinkles throughout the party and not enough actual food for lunch :)
Ready for the Pinata....loads of candy. The moms were laughing that Halloween has seemed to go on forever and forever. It has seriously been like Halloween for the past week and it is still going on because Trick or Treat has been changed because of the big storm Sandy.
I didn't get many pictures of Kipton. He was off playing with his friends and not interested in taking pictures! Brandi did such a great job hosting the Halloween Party. It was all so fun!
Karson says this is his best friend Luke! He LOVED his costume :)

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