Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Weekend

Kevin was home with us all weekend which is SUPER nice! It almost..."kinda" feels like he has a normal job where he has the weekends off, but I know it's not true. Working on the river has it's perks but the schedule is not one of them. O well. We really love having him home all weekend.

Friday we had errands to run in the morning then layed low til dinner. We were ultra brave and thought we would go out to dinner as in "nice" and not Chick-fil-a or Bob Evans. I am always nervous the boys are going to be bad and we'll want to leave and can't. So we took the plunge and went to a nice resturant and they surprised us! They were GREAT! I guess it is proof that life will be normal again past the baby/toddler stage.
We finally figured out how to work the "self-timer" on our camera. HAHA!

Saturday we had a birthday party to go to in the morning. It was also Marshall - v - Virginia Tech that day so Huntingtin was pretty busy. The boys had a great time at the party.

Kipton seriously had a BLAST!!!

Look at that face :)

Kevin is always a hit

This picture cracks me up! Look at Karson jumping :)

Ladies Man!

After the party we went to lunch and to a friend's tailgate for a little while. We wont push the football game this year. I really don't think either of the boys could sit that long. Plus it was a packed game.
Too bad the HERD couldn't pull it off!

Sunday we both were ready for a day at home. So we skipped church and hung around the house. And we started......


Kevin is packing away his garage today. I can't believe that in less than a month we will be moving. AHHH I really don't like moving. But I am so ready to enjoy our brand new home. It will be all worth it in the end.

Hope everyone has a had a great weekend!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Karson - 30 months

My Karson.

O boy you are hilarious these days!

You are FULL of energy all day  long. You wake up happy happy asking for your brother and your daddy. You are a big sleeper! You always have been. You go to bed about 9:00 and wont wake up til about 8:30-9:00. You also take a nap at 1 or 1:30 until around 4ish. You NEED your sleep :)

You are still a great eater. LOVE chicken with Ket Cupsh. (your way of saying ketchup) You love milk and apple juice. I am so thankful for your good eating.

You are very smart. You have been talking in complete sentences since you turned 2. You talk ALL DAY LONG. Seriously. You are a big talker. The days you are quiet I worry that something is wrong. You are very observant in life. You noticed the other day that one of the neighbors had trimmed their tree.

You are a singing machine. You love to sing the ABC's over and over especially to get Kipton to sing along. You like any song to do with trains. You love all nursery rhymes. You love being read to each night and during the day. You love your books.

You are really loving your brother. Even though I spend most of the day saying "no" to you guys because you are constantly trying to "tackle" Kipton. Kipton is made of steel. That boy can't be hurt. You have made him strong and mighty.

You love riding your tricycle around the neighborhood and your tractor. You would ride this tractor all day if we let you. You like to put hay/grass in your trailer and dump it just like daddy does. You are an outdoors man all the way. You would sleep outside if you could.

Karson you are such a blessing! Very rarely are you getting into serious trouble. Mainly just because you bother your brother a little too much but I know it's because you love him.

O Karson your Mommy & Daddy really love you!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No blog time!

Lately there hasn't been much down time for me. Not complaining but just busy. Being busy is good in a way, I guess your not bored. I got very used to being home in our pj's until 10ish and then going out to play all summer. Now that school has started back things have been "different". I know I have said this before at the beginning of the month but boy it has really hit us.

Of course with the school beginning Kipton was the lucky one to catch some kind of bug last week. It started out with a low grade fever which I attributed towards teething. Then he had an ear ache and then caught a virus. It did go away about 3 days later and he is thankfully all better now. Boy do you ever appreciate your healthy kids when someone has been sick. I do take that for granted and I should stop and thank God for my healthy kids.

Here are a few pictures from the past couple weeks. I hope my few followers keep checking in on us.

This is typical here at our house. Someone is always upset and the other is happy.
Karson didn't want his picture taken.

I haven't bored you guys with any house updates lately. But just for my keepsake I thought I would update a minute. They are now working inside on the plumbing. They have finished all of the windows, exterior doors (besides the garage door) They have wired the entire house. Once they finish up the plumbing then they will move to insulation and then drywall. They hire drywallers so that will go very fast. I will be so excited to have the siding on the house so I don't have to see that "LOWES" paper anymore. :) Even though he said that is one of the last things to come. Kevin wired the house for the tv and home phone. The contractor doesn't do that work and it was cheaper if Kevin did it. He has done that kind of thing before so it was no big deal. We finally got AEP to hook up the electricity so that the contractor didn't have to use the generater anymore. There are many tiny details that you have to think about when building a house that I never dreamed of. We have had a lot of fun with this build. 

Last Wednesday along with Kipton's sickness the air-conditioner at our current house decided to go out. Boy has this been fun! Kevin tried getting a new part for what he thought was wrong but that didn't work. We have had repair men in here everyday taking the old one out. Tomorrow they will put the new unit in and a new hot-water heater. (also went bad) Thankfully it hasn't been hot outside but I will be glad to have everything back to running again. You know....when it rains it POURS!

That's about it! Hope everyone is having a great week. I am trying to stay positive and stress-free!

Monday, September 12, 2011


At this time in life we are already experiencing the huge love that these boys have for each other. Kipton eats, sleeps, and breathes for his big brother. So much that he is aggravated that the feeling is not always returned by Karson. Karson does love his brother and asks many times for him if Kip is napping but other times I feel like he would love to play and not have his toy taken away.

They are fighting over toys most days but overall they are so happy to be brothers.

At the park which they both love!!

We have a busy week. Karson goes to a music class each Wednesday and he is loving it!! He also has a dr appt for his eczema that is flaring up again. We also have alot going on with the new house this week. Here's to hoping it all goes well and according to Gods will.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11 - God Bless the US

Where were you just 10 years ago on 9/11?
It feels like yesterday. I was in high school German class. We were watching the news and it came across all of the channels. Our German teacher started crying but we really didn't know what was going on. I have to admit I really didn't realize all that went with this terrorist attack at the time. Boy has it changed our nation.

I am so proud to be an American. We have such pride about our country. I am thankful today for all of those workers who help our country everyday overcome this tragedy.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy 32nd Birthday Kevin!

Today is the day you are 32. Boy has it gone by fast. Seems like yesterday we met and you were the young ole age of 26! Life is going by way too fast. You are a great daddy and husband. We hope you've had a great day so far. Even though you have to work on your big day :(

Here are a few pictures down memory lane. Hope you enjoy reading this while your at work after you have finished all of your work for the night.

Karson - 2 weeks

You became a WONDERFUL daddy! Your boys just adore you.

Kipton - Just born




Monday, September 5, 2011

College Football - GO HERD!

I'm sure everyone is pumped about college football starting up! I know living in a house with 3 boys that is all that is going on. Football, Football, and more Football!!!

We had the chance to go to the West Virginia-Marshall game yesterday so we headed out to Morgantown. It was an eventful trip to say the least. It started out SO hot, then it went to really windy, then to pouring the rain and lightening. They told everyone to get out of the stadium and wait it out. We did for a while but soon realized that there was another storm coming from the South and it wasn't worth it to stand around for 2 hours. We left to get some dinner. Shortly after dinner when we were back to driving home I got so sick! We had to pull the car over 4 times for me to (well you know). It was AWFUL!! I am guessing that I got some bad food because shortly after getting sick the last time I was all better. Needless to say, I was happy to get home at 1:30am and get in my bed!

Here are a few pictures of our boys ready for football.

Hope your having a great Labor Day!

It has been raining here all day. Normally I am not a huge fan of the rain but today it is okay because I had lots to get done in the house. I am really enjoying the inside day :) Plus it is much cooler now like in the 70's.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hey All

Yes I am still here. Just super busy now that I am taking two classes this semester. I guess that's no excuse because I am always back by naptime. It is just taking some getting used to.

I have never been so happy to see Fridays until this semester. I can do this.....I CAN DO THIS!! Just 1 more class and then student teaching. (Talking to myself really works)

Kip has been on his up/down. He's getting some back molars and boy are they killing him and me! Poor guy. He has been battling a low grade fever for a few days so we headed in today just to check. She seems to think it will subside soon. I sure hope so.

We are trying to stay low-key this weekend. Tomorrow we need to find a front door for the new house. Sounds fun until you get a budget then it becomes a challenge. We also are trying to get electric hooked up to the house which is more of a challenge than I thought. We will get there someday. Sorry if this is all I talk about, but it's really the big event happening now. It's hard not to share because it's all we talk about for now.

Here are some iPhone pics that I have. Enjoy the weekend!!!

Date night!

This boy is really trying to run!

This was just too funny

Are car rides quiet for you guys?? Not in my van. Unless I play their nursery rhymes.