Friday, September 23, 2011

Karson - 30 months

My Karson.

O boy you are hilarious these days!

You are FULL of energy all day  long. You wake up happy happy asking for your brother and your daddy. You are a big sleeper! You always have been. You go to bed about 9:00 and wont wake up til about 8:30-9:00. You also take a nap at 1 or 1:30 until around 4ish. You NEED your sleep :)

You are still a great eater. LOVE chicken with Ket Cupsh. (your way of saying ketchup) You love milk and apple juice. I am so thankful for your good eating.

You are very smart. You have been talking in complete sentences since you turned 2. You talk ALL DAY LONG. Seriously. You are a big talker. The days you are quiet I worry that something is wrong. You are very observant in life. You noticed the other day that one of the neighbors had trimmed their tree.

You are a singing machine. You love to sing the ABC's over and over especially to get Kipton to sing along. You like any song to do with trains. You love all nursery rhymes. You love being read to each night and during the day. You love your books.

You are really loving your brother. Even though I spend most of the day saying "no" to you guys because you are constantly trying to "tackle" Kipton. Kipton is made of steel. That boy can't be hurt. You have made him strong and mighty.

You love riding your tricycle around the neighborhood and your tractor. You would ride this tractor all day if we let you. You like to put hay/grass in your trailer and dump it just like daddy does. You are an outdoors man all the way. You would sleep outside if you could.

Karson you are such a blessing! Very rarely are you getting into serious trouble. Mainly just because you bother your brother a little too much but I know it's because you love him.

O Karson your Mommy & Daddy really love you!!

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