Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No blog time!

Lately there hasn't been much down time for me. Not complaining but just busy. Being busy is good in a way, I guess your not bored. I got very used to being home in our pj's until 10ish and then going out to play all summer. Now that school has started back things have been "different". I know I have said this before at the beginning of the month but boy it has really hit us.

Of course with the school beginning Kipton was the lucky one to catch some kind of bug last week. It started out with a low grade fever which I attributed towards teething. Then he had an ear ache and then caught a virus. It did go away about 3 days later and he is thankfully all better now. Boy do you ever appreciate your healthy kids when someone has been sick. I do take that for granted and I should stop and thank God for my healthy kids.

Here are a few pictures from the past couple weeks. I hope my few followers keep checking in on us.

This is typical here at our house. Someone is always upset and the other is happy.
Karson didn't want his picture taken.

I haven't bored you guys with any house updates lately. But just for my keepsake I thought I would update a minute. They are now working inside on the plumbing. They have finished all of the windows, exterior doors (besides the garage door) They have wired the entire house. Once they finish up the plumbing then they will move to insulation and then drywall. They hire drywallers so that will go very fast. I will be so excited to have the siding on the house so I don't have to see that "LOWES" paper anymore. :) Even though he said that is one of the last things to come. Kevin wired the house for the tv and home phone. The contractor doesn't do that work and it was cheaper if Kevin did it. He has done that kind of thing before so it was no big deal. We finally got AEP to hook up the electricity so that the contractor didn't have to use the generater anymore. There are many tiny details that you have to think about when building a house that I never dreamed of. We have had a lot of fun with this build. 

Last Wednesday along with Kipton's sickness the air-conditioner at our current house decided to go out. Boy has this been fun! Kevin tried getting a new part for what he thought was wrong but that didn't work. We have had repair men in here everyday taking the old one out. Tomorrow they will put the new unit in and a new hot-water heater. (also went bad) Thankfully it hasn't been hot outside but I will be glad to have everything back to running again. You know....when it rains it POURS!

That's about it! Hope everyone is having a great week. I am trying to stay positive and stress-free!

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