Friday, September 2, 2011

Hey All

Yes I am still here. Just super busy now that I am taking two classes this semester. I guess that's no excuse because I am always back by naptime. It is just taking some getting used to.

I have never been so happy to see Fridays until this semester. I can do this.....I CAN DO THIS!! Just 1 more class and then student teaching. (Talking to myself really works)

Kip has been on his up/down. He's getting some back molars and boy are they killing him and me! Poor guy. He has been battling a low grade fever for a few days so we headed in today just to check. She seems to think it will subside soon. I sure hope so.

We are trying to stay low-key this weekend. Tomorrow we need to find a front door for the new house. Sounds fun until you get a budget then it becomes a challenge. We also are trying to get electric hooked up to the house which is more of a challenge than I thought. We will get there someday. Sorry if this is all I talk about, but it's really the big event happening now. It's hard not to share because it's all we talk about for now.

Here are some iPhone pics that I have. Enjoy the weekend!!!

Date night!

This boy is really trying to run!

This was just too funny

Are car rides quiet for you guys?? Not in my van. Unless I play their nursery rhymes.

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