Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our Weekend

Our weekend was pretty lowkey.

Friday: We spent our morning with the Washington crew over at their house and we all had a blast. The boys had a great time playing with her two boys, who are the exact same age. We had naps after returning home, played outside, cooked dinner and played outside some more. It's been awesome weather here!

Saturday: Kevin had to sleep in because he had worked the night before. The boys and I got up and ate and got outside before the heat came. We decided to hike up to the blackberry bushes. It was harder than I had imagined. These boys left their momma in the dust. Climbing 3 HUGE hills with not once looking back for me. Needless to say, we all got our workout that morning.

After picking some blackberries and eating most of them, we made it down the hill to Nana & Papaw's house. We played around there for a while. Riding 4-wheelers, bikes, and playing hide and seek.

Saturday after naps, we all jumped in the van and headed to our favorite lake to fish and have dinner. It seems like everytime we go, Karson and Kevin fish and Kipton and I just eat and eat. We also played at the playground, met some kids, and looked for crawdads.

This boy ate 3 pieces of pizza! WOW!

Sunday: We headed to church, played with the chickens, mowed, built a few fires, and began painting Kipton's room. Again, pretty lowkey but that's how life is around here :)

Kipton has moved into the 3-5 year old class. I think he is really happy to be in there. I have been teaching for the past 2 months, so the transition has been easy for him.

Here's to a good week!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The fun we have at home

My boys love being home. They especially love being outside playing at home. I am thankful they do love being home. We have been trying to make our house a "homey" home that our boys would always want to be. 

Of course we go places and play, but they really love home. 

Right before Kiptons birthday, I set out to put pea gravel in our playground area with landscaping timbers all around to make it easier with mowing. It was a LONG 3 day project with moving and shoveling the gravel, putting down plastic  to keep the grass out, and painting. But we did it just in time for Kiptons birthday party for him to enjoy. 

We are finally getting grass!!! So thankful for our wet spring/summer because it has really helped. 

Karson also loves building things at home. He has a small toolbox he carries and nails boards and trees. This area is called his "invention". He plays up in the tree and builds a tree stand. He nailed these left over boards Kevin had to this tree. He is very proud of his work!

Lipton has been calling our dog bailey "little fella". It's so funny to watch them together! 

The boys have been enjoying rides on the gravely. Kevin's dad gave him this to mow the tough areas of our property. However the boys think its their ride on toy. 

Another thing we love doing at home is sitting on our porch just talking. We are outside pretty much all day besides meal and sleep time. So thankful for a wonderful husband. 

Thank you Lord for this wonderful place we call home!

Kipton turns 3!

Kipton turned 3 years old this past Saturday, July 20th. We had a fun little party with just family and a few friends. Unfortunatley, I used my big camera and I'm not able to upload the pictures onto my computer just yet. We have lost our laptop to a crash, and are working on getting things switched back to our desktop computer. So for now, I thought I would take time to update on Kipton Lee.

Kipton is for sure the 2nd child. He is not scared of anything, and wants to do everything that his big brother Karson does. He sometimes wants to like the same things as Karson (fishing, hunting, camo clothes) but I just really don't think he TRULY does like those things. I can say he does like anything to do with construction work. Bulldozers, Escavators, Trains, Cars, Trucks, that sorta thing.

Here is a little about our little Kipton:

-He likes to play outside. (sandbox, swing like a big boy, slide, jump on the trampoline)
-He does NOT like to get his head wet, therefore swimming has been an adjustment but I feel like getting more and more into the summer he is getting much better. He wears that little puddle jumper and goes swimming on his own.
-He is strong willed! Just this morning we were going to the park. He wanted to wear hot/winter orange socks, and I had picked out short white socks to go with his shoes. He threw a HUGE fit. Thankfully, he is easy to calm down and after talking through it, he wore the socks I had picked.
-He has moved into Karson's 3-5 year old class at church and no longer in the nursery. He thinks he's big stuff especially since I am teaching in that class every other month. He did so great last week. I was nervous he wouldn't sit through the lesson but he did great. Probably one of the best in the class because it was so new to him and he was just taking it all in.
- He does not care who leaves. If I go out and leave them with my parents he has never cried. He never cries going into church. He has been my easy child as far as the seperation part is concerned. His brother on the other hand. Not so much.
-Kipton wakes up around 7:30 every morning and requests a "warm" milk. I do still warm up his milk for 35 seconds in  his cup in the microwave. haha sounds silly but I just still do it. He never request warm milk except for the first cup in the morning. It's like his coffee :) He wakes me up and says "mommy get me my warm milk and get you your coffee". It's cute!
-Kipton is not much of a napper. This is super strange to me because Karson is 4 years old and STILL takes a 2/3 hour nap every single day. Kipton does have to lay down at 1:30 just like Karson, but most of the time he just talks or plays in his room. I have taken all toys out besides books just to make sure that wasn't the reason he wasn't napping. Nope. He still doesn't nap. So he normally takes all of his books out of the basket and just rests with his stuffed animals and talks to them. He normally stays in the room until 3 and then I let him come out. Which is pretty good if you ask me for someone that is not willing to nap anymore. I'll take it :)
-He still has a little blanket he sleeps with, but the attachment is really fading. Sometimes he doesn't even ask for it in his bed but I just always keep it in there.

-Kipton loves dress up. Karson did/does not. He loves to be a deer, baby Jaguar, hunter, cowboy. On this partciular day he was wanting to be a cowboy and I was giving him a horsey ride. Karson captured the moment. :) Brothers are good for that.

-Kipton is an animal lover. He loves our dogs and I will find him all throughout the house petting and talking to the dogs. He LOVES the chickens and loves going to check on them. Normally in the 3-4pm range when Karson is still asleep we will go out and check on the chickens together. He helps me feed and talks to them.

-Kipton just recently wanted to try riding Karson's big boy bike instead of a tricycle. It was no problem for him and he never looked back to the tri cycyles. Since he kinda took over Karson's bike, my parents gave Karson another big bike they had saved for him. He LOVES it and everyone is happy. This morning we went to the park to ride bikes since our house isn't the best place. They had a blast and Kipton rode so well.

-The boys rode their bikes and I got to run. Thankful to be able to do that again since the car wreck. It felt super good and all was well. They kept me going pretty fast too!

-Kipton is just a funny child with a HUGE personality. He does all kinds of funny things and talks really well for his age. He is constantly telling me "I just accidently messed up my room" or "I just accidently bit Karson". We have been trying to teach them the difference between an accident and on purpose.

-Kipton will be staying home with momma this fall again. I did put Karson in the little 3 year old class at preschool, but I have decided not to put Kipton in. For many reasons, but I am so happy and thankful to get another year with just him on 3 mornings a week. We normally go grocery shopping, go to the library, Target, run errands, that sorta thing.

-I love you Kipton. You are so fun, and we are so thankful to have you in our home. You are such an handsome guy and you will sweep some lady up with your charm someday. Boy you can lay it on thick when you are in trouble.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Random Fun!

We've been just enjoying summer here. We celebrated Kips birthday on his actual birthday this year. July 20th. We had family and a few friends over, and I think he had a blast. 

Here he is all grown up in his dressup. 

This morning we enjoyed a play date at a friends house. Kip and Samuel are 2 weeks apart.

Karson wanted to stay back with Kevin since he was off work, so they went fishing. He is so big! 

This evening I got the chance to meet up with a great group of moms and have dinner. It was a great get away and great conversation. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nana & Papaw's House

When I was in the 6th grade, my dad put a FOR SALE sign in our front yard. I'm sure my mom was freaking out, but I guess agreed it was time to move and see more into the country life. So, the house sold 2 days later. This almost seems impossible in our economy, but it was over 18 years ago. So they shortly decided to build a house with more land. They have lived there since my 6th grade year. 

Thankfully, we were able to build our house in the back of their property. Which means that we are a walk or 4-wheeler ride away. We go there often. The boys have lots to do there. They have a lot of concrete for the boys to ride their bikes and power wheels. 

On this particular day, Karson finally got brave enough to ride with Kipton. Normally they just ride alone. Kipton has gotten really good at riding the 4-wheeler and backing up when he needs to. It was fun to watch them ride together. We rode 4-wheelers ALOT when we were younger. 

We keep the boys bikes there. They ride a lot!

They also have a pool which is super nice in this hot weather. They have gotten really good at swimming alone with someone watching from the deck. We have been swimming the past 3 mornings. They are finally at a point where they swim and play and I can tan a little. 

Karson loves to jump from the ladder, wear his goggles, play "sharks & boats", and have swim lessons with mommy. Kipton swims a little, rides his bike, plays in the rocks with his tractors, and eats :)

Mom & Dad also built this chimney last fall. It is super nice and the boys love making a fire in the evening. 

Not only do I love living in the country, but living right by my parents is wonderful!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our Children's Museum

I took the boys to our local children's museum last week. They had a great time. 
We were there for almost 2 hours and they played and played. 

They had an awesome River exhibit complete with a tow boat. You can imagine Karson's excitement to see they have really done an awesome job adding things to this part. He was so excited to be just like daddy and drive his row boat. 

Kipton has been really into stacking materials. Anything. Checkers, blocks, books, so he was happy to see these awesome huge blocks to stack. 

We had a great time on this rainy day! Can't wait to get back soon.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Boating & Fishing

On Tuesday we all packed up and enjoyed our first time out on our little fishing boat. Kevin has had this boat since he was a kid and it was passed down to him. We have a lake 5 minutes from our house, so this is super nice and convenient to just pack up some food and head that way. 

The boys had a blast! I knew they would. 

After about an hour of fishing we were starting to get hot, so I suggested we all jump in. The boys LOVED swimming there. I tried super hard not to think about the fish and snakes I was swimming with, and just enjoy it. We swam for a LONG time!

In between swimming, fishing, boating, the boys were eating. Lots of snacks while riding on a boat ride.

Kevin is a DIE hard fisherman. He wouldn't get in and swim because he didn't want to miss any good fish. We swam while he fished. It worked out perfect! He caught about 6 fish that day, but I can't remember what they were. 

Karson is taking after his daddy in every way. Hunting, fishing, football, you name it Karson wants to do it like daddy. Karson fished a good while too!

Around 12:30 everyone was requesting lunch so we pulled the boat over to nearby land and grilled some hot dogs. Even while I cooked, Kevin fished. The boys were behind me playing with horse shoes. 

We had a great day! Can't wait to go again.