Thursday, July 25, 2013

The fun we have at home

My boys love being home. They especially love being outside playing at home. I am thankful they do love being home. We have been trying to make our house a "homey" home that our boys would always want to be. 

Of course we go places and play, but they really love home. 

Right before Kiptons birthday, I set out to put pea gravel in our playground area with landscaping timbers all around to make it easier with mowing. It was a LONG 3 day project with moving and shoveling the gravel, putting down plastic  to keep the grass out, and painting. But we did it just in time for Kiptons birthday party for him to enjoy. 

We are finally getting grass!!! So thankful for our wet spring/summer because it has really helped. 

Karson also loves building things at home. He has a small toolbox he carries and nails boards and trees. This area is called his "invention". He plays up in the tree and builds a tree stand. He nailed these left over boards Kevin had to this tree. He is very proud of his work!

Lipton has been calling our dog bailey "little fella". It's so funny to watch them together! 

The boys have been enjoying rides on the gravely. Kevin's dad gave him this to mow the tough areas of our property. However the boys think its their ride on toy. 

Another thing we love doing at home is sitting on our porch just talking. We are outside pretty much all day besides meal and sleep time. So thankful for a wonderful husband. 

Thank you Lord for this wonderful place we call home!

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