Friday, July 12, 2013

Boating & Fishing

On Tuesday we all packed up and enjoyed our first time out on our little fishing boat. Kevin has had this boat since he was a kid and it was passed down to him. We have a lake 5 minutes from our house, so this is super nice and convenient to just pack up some food and head that way. 

The boys had a blast! I knew they would. 

After about an hour of fishing we were starting to get hot, so I suggested we all jump in. The boys LOVED swimming there. I tried super hard not to think about the fish and snakes I was swimming with, and just enjoy it. We swam for a LONG time!

In between swimming, fishing, boating, the boys were eating. Lots of snacks while riding on a boat ride.

Kevin is a DIE hard fisherman. He wouldn't get in and swim because he didn't want to miss any good fish. We swam while he fished. It worked out perfect! He caught about 6 fish that day, but I can't remember what they were. 

Karson is taking after his daddy in every way. Hunting, fishing, football, you name it Karson wants to do it like daddy. Karson fished a good while too!

Around 12:30 everyone was requesting lunch so we pulled the boat over to nearby land and grilled some hot dogs. Even while I cooked, Kevin fished. The boys were behind me playing with horse shoes. 

We had a great day! Can't wait to go again.

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