Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Workers & Fishermen

We have been working on our playground area where our swings and trampoline are. Since building the house, it has been very hard to grow grass. Here in our wonderful state of West Virginia it's all clay and rock. You have to till the dirt, rake the rocks, scoop the bad dirt, plant the grass, spread the hay, and pray pray pray that it grows. Thankfully we have had a good spring/summer with lots of rain and not extremely high temperatures. It is growing! I decided to make an area around their playground equipment full of small pea gravels. When the dump truck came, you can imagine that two little boys were happy after they woke up from naps. 

They were ready to get to work, and this stuff is nasty dirty. So I stripped the boys of their clothes and they were willing to help. 

Not only are these boys good workers, they are ALL outdoors. 

Checking out some guns with daddy. "I like that 22 there daddy" - Kipton

Life sure has changed since having boys. I was raised with a sister so this life is new to me. Their favorite store of all time is Cabela's and Tractor Supply. We have been to Cabela's for the past 2 weekends. It never gets old to them, or their daddy. 

Checking out the big bucks!

After nearly 3 hours of Cabela's we finally made it out. Karson is IN love with fishing. More than ever and even Kevin said for him to only be 4, his love is deep to be so young. I will post more on his favorite hobby soon. We are so thankful to have hard workers, and outdoorsman. 

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