Sunday, July 7, 2013

Daddy's weekends off!

Kevin and I have been wanting to try out a local fish restaurant and we finally did this weekend. The boys had shrimp and fish. They ate every bite. They were loving all of the fish on the wall too!

Restaurant eating has gotten sooo much better. The boys are really well behaved. 

Kevin had frog legs and walleye fish. He said it was the best dinner he's had in a LONG time and he wants to eat there every time we do go out. I'm not sure about that but, we'll try to make it there more often. 

Both of the boys did try the frog legs too, and loved them. I passed!

We recently moved Karson into a booster seat. He was at both requirements and his other seat was really getting uncomfortable. He can buckle himself too which is a HUGE help to me!! He is so big and we love him and his personality so much. He is his daddy made over. 

After dinner we went to a cookout for the 4th/Cooper's birthday party. Karson and Cooper go to preschool together and he was turning 4. Karson had a BLAST. There was another little boy Cyrus from preschool there too, and they played and played. They had the best time. 

We have really enjoyed Kevin's new schedule of having the weekends off. 

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