Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nana & Papaw's House

When I was in the 6th grade, my dad put a FOR SALE sign in our front yard. I'm sure my mom was freaking out, but I guess agreed it was time to move and see more into the country life. So, the house sold 2 days later. This almost seems impossible in our economy, but it was over 18 years ago. So they shortly decided to build a house with more land. They have lived there since my 6th grade year. 

Thankfully, we were able to build our house in the back of their property. Which means that we are a walk or 4-wheeler ride away. We go there often. The boys have lots to do there. They have a lot of concrete for the boys to ride their bikes and power wheels. 

On this particular day, Karson finally got brave enough to ride with Kipton. Normally they just ride alone. Kipton has gotten really good at riding the 4-wheeler and backing up when he needs to. It was fun to watch them ride together. We rode 4-wheelers ALOT when we were younger. 

We keep the boys bikes there. They ride a lot!

They also have a pool which is super nice in this hot weather. They have gotten really good at swimming alone with someone watching from the deck. We have been swimming the past 3 mornings. They are finally at a point where they swim and play and I can tan a little. 

Karson loves to jump from the ladder, wear his goggles, play "sharks & boats", and have swim lessons with mommy. Kipton swims a little, rides his bike, plays in the rocks with his tractors, and eats :)

Mom & Dad also built this chimney last fall. It is super nice and the boys love making a fire in the evening. 

Not only do I love living in the country, but living right by my parents is wonderful!

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Kelley said...

What a blessing to have your parents close. Everything looks so beautiful!