Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The GUYS are back!!

Are you excited!! I know we are :)

10pm can't get here soon enough!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Interview with Karson

Karson will be 4 years old in 2 weeks. This is what he has to say when I interviewed him with some questions.

1. Who is your best buddy? Pup

2. What is your favorite TV show? Scooby Doo

3. What is your favorite color? Gray/Dark Black (he likes this because it's camo)

4. What is your favorite restaurant? McDonalds

5. Where is your favorite place to go? Tractor Supply (this makes me laugh so hard)

6. Who is your best friend at preschool? CYRUS (screaming because he loves him so much)

7. Who is your favorite teacher at preschool? Rachel

8. What is your favorite thing to do at your house? Play with my daddy

9. What is your favorite food? Hamburgers & Tuna Bread

10. What is your favorite type of clothes to wear? My camo shirt and my camo black

This pictures was taking during the Super Bowl. We were teaching Karson what people do during the national anthem. He wanted to know why the soldiers had their hands on their heads. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Show us your Life: Favorite picture ideas

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today on "Show us your life: Favorite picture ideas". 
Here is the link if you would like to see many different ideas. Kelly's Korner

When Karson was born 3 years ago, I had mentioned the idea of buying a nice camera to Kevin. He agreed that it would be worth it because buying pictures is expensive. So we went with the Nikon. 

I love being able to pull it out and being serious about getting good pictures, or just snapping things the boys are doing. I have captured all of these pictures below.

I think the main tip is finding a good background. I like taking pictures outside. We are an "outside" family and we like the outdoors and everything that goes with it.

Sometimes I will get the boys dressed up and drive around our area on the 4-wheeler and find a good backdrop. This day we found this old barn and I propped Kipton against it for 4th of July pics.

Here i just added an American flag to a wooden fence and put the boys on top. Again I am NO photographer and I don't have a business or anything of that nature. I just don't want to pay lots of money to have pictures done each season as the boys grow. I am more of a do it your self mom since I started staying home. 

I took Karson to a nearby creek on this day with a 3 I picked up at Walmart. I had my mom paint the 3 to make it stand out more and we took lots of pictures this way. It was so fun!

I found this idea from Pinterest. We have a chalkboard in the toy room and I wrote down things the boys are into and it was so much fun. This picture was harder to not have a glare with the chalkboard and flash. I will have to try again soon with this because I need an updated one anyways. 

The picture below is one that we did have made by a "professional" photographer. I really don't see a huge difference in her work and me just taking the pictures. But of course It was a good experience to see how she did take our pictures. 

Here is one last picture I took of the boys. We were doing fall pictures in our backyard with the fall leaves. Kevin has his tree stand lowered like 1 foot off the ground and the boys jumped up. It turned out so good

Thanks for checking out our blog from Kelly's Korner. Hope you got some ideas for your little ones.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

karson - almost four

I thought I would update on each boy to tell about them. It has been a while since I updated on the funny things they say and do. 

Karson will be 4 in 2 weeks. I can't believe this is the 4th birthday party I've had for him. It seems like he just turned 2 and now it's the 4th birthday. He says so many funny things but his personality is what is best about him. 

Karson can be VERY energetic. He bounces off the walls most days. But then he can have a calm side where he is so loving. 

Kevin has been buying me flowers for my kitchen table. Yesterday we were shopping at Kroger and Karson saw the fresh flowers and picked some up. He handed them to me and said "Mommy I will marry you!" I thought it was hilarious because we have NEVER talked about marriage. I don't know where kids learn things like this that we don't teach them. It is kinda scary what they pick up on. 

Karson wants to be JUST like his daddy. He is into hunting, fishing, outdoors, cutting trees down, digging ditches with the shovel, working, and being a total boy. He really isn't into sports that much. He does throw the football around sometimes and occasionally asks us to pass baseball but really isn't into sports. He will have his whole life to get into that. I want him to enjoy being an outdoors boy who likes everything his daddy does. 

Karson is very opinionated about his clothes.
He doesn't like baby clothes.
He doesn't like long sleeves.
He wants his sleeves pushed up if I make him wear them.
He doesn't like his heavy coat.
Picky Picky :)

Recognizes letters 1 -13

Recognizes all letters A-Z

Can count to 30

Can sing ABC's

Can write the words: MOM and DAD 
We are working on Karson but the K is very hard for him.

Can draw people/animals

Loves to color.

Loves preschool.

Loves Cyrus & Rachel from preschool.

Wants to be the "leader" when we are home.

Hates having his clothespin moved at home.

Loves to work in his workbook, color in his coloring books.

Getting a new coloring book is like golden money to him.

Loves stuffed animals. Has his favorites. Still has a blanket at bed called Mimi.

Loves his brother.

Loves his daddy.

Is counting down every single day on the calendar for his birthday.

Winter clothes
Going to bed at night
Getting his toe nails clipped

We are so thankful for you Karson! You are the best big brother.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Party - Toddler Style

Last Tuesday morning I hosted our Mother's Club Valentine's party. 
Going to the aquarium the whole day before didn't make it real easy on me :)

But we made it, and I got all the treats ready the night before and we had a great time.

Keeping everything red and pink was fun. I'm used to all boy things in the house.

While I was getting the boys dressed before everyone started arriving, Karson said he didn't want to wear a "stinky ole heart shirt". So as a 3.5 year old he already has his opinion in what he wears. He agreed to wear a red shirt, but it is not what I had in mind. However, it works :)

We had a great time just chatting and letting the kids play. It's always so fun for the kids to play at other kids houses. New toys always keeps them quite busy. My boys however did have a hard time with 15 toddlers in the house. I think it was a little "overload" if you will. Kipton was more upset than Karson. He cried a few times and said Mommy they are taking my toys. My boys do really good sharing with others, but I have learned they are not quite "there" when sharing with lots of other kids. We will get there! :)

After about 2 hours everyone was beginning to take off. We decided to get just one group picture to prove that we had a great party and our kids are cute as ever :)

Again, I am so thankful for this group. Last May when I joined I had no clue how much void it would fill as a stay at home mom to me. It gives us something to look forward to, and has given the boys and I many new friendships. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Preschool Valentines

This was our first year to offically buy Valentine's for my boys to give out. 

Karson's preschool sent home a note saying they could send Valentine's and a little treat for their friends at school. They have 31 kids in the 3 year old class. That is alot! Karson picked Power Rangers (which he doesn't even watch on TV) and we got to work taping suckers on each card. 

He did every single one by himself. He said "This takes time Mommy" 

"Don't rush Mommy"

One thing that they are really working on in preschool is not rushing. Taking their time. 
That is great news to this momma! 

He is really enjoying his two mornings a week going to the church for preschool. He has met lots of great friends, teachers, as well as "buddies" he calls his closest guy friends.

Kipton had to pick out some Valentine's at the store too. He choose Mickey and we gave a few of his out to the kids we see at preschool that are his age. Everyone is happy about heart shaped suckers!

The next morning Karson was ready to go. He has never been this excited to get to school as he was on Valentine's Day. We bought each of his teachers (there are 10) a box of candy. He also picked a special treat for his favorite teacher "Ms. Rachel". He LOVES her so much!

I had to keep telling him it wasn't time to leave yet. He put his shoes on as soon as we got dressed because he wanted to leave so bad. 

Look at that face!

This mister was finishing his breakfast while Karson was rushing us out the door.

He eats sooooo slow, but I'm happy he takes his time.

Before we left I snapped a picture of Kipton. Everytime I say Kipton smile he says 
SMILE and then his mouth is open instead of smiling. HAHA! :) He is so silly and says the funniest things. I can't believe how much he is talking just like Karson. He has been such an easy toddler.

And just for fun I'll add the picture Karson took of me. He said Mommy let me take your picture in front of that Valentine's heart. I think he told me Happy Valentine's Day over 50 times that day.

I am thankful for my 3 Valentine's

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Newport Aquarium

Last weekend Kevin was off for 4 days. So we decided to hit the road on Monday which was his last day off work. We decided to take the boys 3 hours away to an aquarium in Newport, KY. 

We left about 7:30am and they were TIRED! They don't like being woke up.

Karson was not in the mood for pictures. He is NOT a morning person.

After seeing an amazing aquarium and walking around for nearly 3 hours we were all ready for lunch.

I figured we would eat in the care there to make it easier on all of us. $40 dollars later and a 
cold yucky meal, we were full :)

We came out of the aqarium and there was a Barnes & Nobles. 
Ahh pure bliss. 2 floors of books we were all in love. Besides Kevin. He was bored to death.

Reading and books are not his idea of fun. We had a great time in there!

We made a few more stops and we were back on the road back home around 5:00pm. We ate Christian Chicken in the car and the boys were out! We didn't get home until almost 10:00 after many stops and we got baths and headed straight to bed. 

It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to take the boys on more trips. This is only their 2nd time taking a long trip in the car. They did SO GOOD! It makes me more confident they can handle it. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Bowl 2013

We've had a snowy, super busy week! I am just getting around to posting a few pictures I took of my precious boys during the Super Bowl. 

They enjoyed getting on their jerseys again and watching some football 
(aka goofing off and throwing the football around)

We are college football fans, not so much NFL but we still had a blast!

Karson Bradley - I can't believe you are ALMOST 4! You are full of LIFE!

Kipton Lee - You could NOT get any sweeter. You have the BIGGEST heart!

We ordered a pizza, watched football, played, got early baths, and enjoyed time together.

It was a great evening! Karson was happy his "eagles" won :)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Saturday

This past Saturday our Mother's Club had an event to join. The Success by 6 group of our area hosted a day of activities for kids. There were lots of booths set up for the kids and our club was one of them. We had playdoh for the kids to create with. 

Karson tagged along with me and Kipton stayed back with Nana & Papaw. I didn't think I could keep them both close and Kipton had a fever the day before so I wanted to play it safe. 

I have met some AWESOME friends from the club. I can't say how thankful I am for this club and what it provides for stay at home moms. Being at home with kids can be VERY challenging in every way. The club is so great for adult conversations, support, and friendships. 

Here I am along with Brandy & Kelli.
Brandy is the Secretary, Kelli is the Treasurer and I am the Vice President.
Our President wasn't able to come because she is expecting a baby any day.

We had a lot of moms come help out at our booth.

Thankfully our booth was right next to the bouncy houses. Karson had a blast! He got so excited when his friends came and he could jump with them. He was so fun!

During the event on Saturday we got even more snow. I couldn't make it up our hill. This is really our first winter in our new house in the country. We haven't been able to leave since then because my van is NOT good in the snow. Kevin tried to make it up the hill and the tires were spinning and then he almost slid over the hill. NOT GOOD! So the boys and I are home bound. I NEED to go to the grocery store so bad but it can wait. 

Hope your having a great Monday!