Saturday, February 23, 2013

Show us your Life: Favorite picture ideas

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today on "Show us your life: Favorite picture ideas". 
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When Karson was born 3 years ago, I had mentioned the idea of buying a nice camera to Kevin. He agreed that it would be worth it because buying pictures is expensive. So we went with the Nikon. 

I love being able to pull it out and being serious about getting good pictures, or just snapping things the boys are doing. I have captured all of these pictures below.

I think the main tip is finding a good background. I like taking pictures outside. We are an "outside" family and we like the outdoors and everything that goes with it.

Sometimes I will get the boys dressed up and drive around our area on the 4-wheeler and find a good backdrop. This day we found this old barn and I propped Kipton against it for 4th of July pics.

Here i just added an American flag to a wooden fence and put the boys on top. Again I am NO photographer and I don't have a business or anything of that nature. I just don't want to pay lots of money to have pictures done each season as the boys grow. I am more of a do it your self mom since I started staying home. 

I took Karson to a nearby creek on this day with a 3 I picked up at Walmart. I had my mom paint the 3 to make it stand out more and we took lots of pictures this way. It was so fun!

I found this idea from Pinterest. We have a chalkboard in the toy room and I wrote down things the boys are into and it was so much fun. This picture was harder to not have a glare with the chalkboard and flash. I will have to try again soon with this because I need an updated one anyways. 

The picture below is one that we did have made by a "professional" photographer. I really don't see a huge difference in her work and me just taking the pictures. But of course It was a good experience to see how she did take our pictures. 

Here is one last picture I took of the boys. We were doing fall pictures in our backyard with the fall leaves. Kevin has his tree stand lowered like 1 foot off the ground and the boys jumped up. It turned out so good

Thanks for checking out our blog from Kelly's Korner. Hope you got some ideas for your little ones.

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