Tuesday, February 19, 2013

karson - almost four

I thought I would update on each boy to tell about them. It has been a while since I updated on the funny things they say and do. 

Karson will be 4 in 2 weeks. I can't believe this is the 4th birthday party I've had for him. It seems like he just turned 2 and now it's the 4th birthday. He says so many funny things but his personality is what is best about him. 

Karson can be VERY energetic. He bounces off the walls most days. But then he can have a calm side where he is so loving. 

Kevin has been buying me flowers for my kitchen table. Yesterday we were shopping at Kroger and Karson saw the fresh flowers and picked some up. He handed them to me and said "Mommy I will marry you!" I thought it was hilarious because we have NEVER talked about marriage. I don't know where kids learn things like this that we don't teach them. It is kinda scary what they pick up on. 

Karson wants to be JUST like his daddy. He is into hunting, fishing, outdoors, cutting trees down, digging ditches with the shovel, working, and being a total boy. He really isn't into sports that much. He does throw the football around sometimes and occasionally asks us to pass baseball but really isn't into sports. He will have his whole life to get into that. I want him to enjoy being an outdoors boy who likes everything his daddy does. 

Karson is very opinionated about his clothes.
He doesn't like baby clothes.
He doesn't like long sleeves.
He wants his sleeves pushed up if I make him wear them.
He doesn't like his heavy coat.
Picky Picky :)

Recognizes letters 1 -13

Recognizes all letters A-Z

Can count to 30

Can sing ABC's

Can write the words: MOM and DAD 
We are working on Karson but the K is very hard for him.

Can draw people/animals

Loves to color.

Loves preschool.

Loves Cyrus & Rachel from preschool.

Wants to be the "leader" when we are home.

Hates having his clothespin moved at home.

Loves to work in his workbook, color in his coloring books.

Getting a new coloring book is like golden money to him.

Loves stuffed animals. Has his favorites. Still has a blanket at bed called Mimi.

Loves his brother.

Loves his daddy.

Is counting down every single day on the calendar for his birthday.

Winter clothes
Going to bed at night
Getting his toe nails clipped

We are so thankful for you Karson! You are the best big brother.

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