Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Saturday

This past Saturday our Mother's Club had an event to join. The Success by 6 group of our area hosted a day of activities for kids. There were lots of booths set up for the kids and our club was one of them. We had playdoh for the kids to create with. 

Karson tagged along with me and Kipton stayed back with Nana & Papaw. I didn't think I could keep them both close and Kipton had a fever the day before so I wanted to play it safe. 

I have met some AWESOME friends from the club. I can't say how thankful I am for this club and what it provides for stay at home moms. Being at home with kids can be VERY challenging in every way. The club is so great for adult conversations, support, and friendships. 

Here I am along with Brandy & Kelli.
Brandy is the Secretary, Kelli is the Treasurer and I am the Vice President.
Our President wasn't able to come because she is expecting a baby any day.

We had a lot of moms come help out at our booth.

Thankfully our booth was right next to the bouncy houses. Karson had a blast! He got so excited when his friends came and he could jump with them. He was so fun!

During the event on Saturday we got even more snow. I couldn't make it up our hill. This is really our first winter in our new house in the country. We haven't been able to leave since then because my van is NOT good in the snow. Kevin tried to make it up the hill and the tires were spinning and then he almost slid over the hill. NOT GOOD! So the boys and I are home bound. I NEED to go to the grocery store so bad but it can wait. 

Hope your having a great Monday!

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