Saturday, February 2, 2013

Awesome Power & Self- Portraits

This is the door that leads out to our garage. So the boys have named this rug "Awesome Power". I have NO CLUE why. So when I want them to get ready to go I say "Let's go to Awesome Power". I don't know where they come up with these strange sayings. They also call potato chips "Chipers" haha

Life with these 2 boys is ALWAYS interesting :)

Kipton has had a fever for the past 3 days (99/100) with no other symptoms so we have been laying low and making sure it's nothing more. Today, no more fever. So I'm hoping it's nothing & God is watching out for him. I know he's mine....but boy is he sweet and handsome :)

Karson has been his usual "full energy" self. He still has lots more training to go, but he sure is a great boy. I can see that 4 years old is going to be fun and exciting for him. He is so handsome just like his daddy :)

Karson said "Mom take our pictures with our hands over our eyes!" 

I subbed in 2nd grade twice this week while Kevin was home from work. I haven't been subbing much from holidays and snow, but got to this week and it was nice to get away. I check my camera today and found many self portraits of our big boy as well as 50 pictures of their toy room :) I guess daddy got busy with something and Karson thought it would be fun to get mommy's camera. 

Check that out :)

I'm wondering if he got Kipton to help him with this one? He sure is good at swindling his brother to do things for him. 

We have 4 inches of snow right now. Kevin is working this weekend so I am on snow duty tomorrow!

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