Sunday, July 29, 2012


1. Catching up on Whitetail Magazine. Such is life! :)
2. Fun trip alone with Mom & Dad at Camden Park
3. New favorite magazine. Great ideas.
4. My life

5. Trying out their new tent in the backyard.
6. Karson came into the kitchen after being in the toy room for a long time.
He came out with clothespins on his underwear. True Story :)
7. Date Night!!! :)
8. O you know...just ropin a tree in my undies!

9. 2 year check-up. Sweet Kip
10. Morning cartoons
11. Still figuring out this tent. Love all things outdoors.

Hope you enjoyed!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Show us your Life: Pictures

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today where everyone will be blogging about Showing how you display pictures throughout your home. When we moved into our newly built home in December I really just wanted to hang family pictures throughout the house instead of what I call "fancy" pictures (home interior, etc). I do have a few "fancy" pictures in the bedrooms but overall I do have a lot of pictures of the boys and our family.

Here is a very long hallway that leads to our main living room/kitchen area. I like it because you can add as many/take away pictures as you want. I would like to add more but I haven't had time.

Here is a little table that is on the opposite side of the long hallway. I had American pictures of the boys I took in the frames for the 4th of July with flags in my basket.

In the eating area

Another addition I added to my kitchen. Using chalkboard paint to paint a board and have different fun sayings on it throughout the year.

Right now I wrote:

"Train your BOYS to go with the LORD"

I had the board that went on top of a Longaberger Basket.

 I bought this Chalkboard paint from Lowe's and painted a square on the top of the board.

I let it dry for 4 hours just to be sure it was good and dry.

Then I put it on an easel that I already had and placed it near the sink in the kitchen.

Hope you've enjoyed how I display pictures throughout the home!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kipton's 2nd Birthday Party

Our Birthday Boy!

We had a family party on Sunday July 22nd for Kipton's 2nd Birthday. We had a great time and the boys had a blast. Kipton had requested a "tractor" birthday party so that's what we did.

The shirt above I made from John Deere material and used appliques to make a 2 with some logos around the 2. It was fun to make!

This was my first time making a circular cake. It was harder than I expected!!
The cake was stuck to the cake pan even though I put oil in the pans.

As Kevin said it will just look like you were trying to make it a "mud" cake for the tractor! HA

I had been very worried about Karson at the party. I've been worried and praying hard for him to understand that this party was not about him but it was his brothers time for a celebration. I had given him many talks before the party about how he could be a helper for Kipton but not over take the presents/cake, etc.

He did really well. A few times he needed reminding that it was Kipton's gift to open but overall I really think he understood. Dane (their cousin) was also a helper with the gifts and I'm not sure that Kipton got to even open his own gifts after the first couple, but it was fine.

The boys Uncle John (Kevin's uncle) brought a cotton candy machine to the party and made different flavors for the boys to have. They really enjoyed it and ate it in the back of Kevin's truck. What a "country" activity to add to our tractor party. HAHA

I really think Kipton and Karson had a great time with all of their family there.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Kip!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kipton turns TWO!!!

Our baby boy turned two on Friday: July 20th. We decided to invite his cousin Dane and mammaw to go jump in the morning. The boys had a great time.

Kipton was pretty excited for his 2nd birthday!

Kipton was just as big as the two older boys. He went on every slide, jump, and obstacle course. He has no fear and such a great baby!

Here is a little info about our boy:

Kipton is just all around super easy now!!

He has always given me a run for my money, but he has decided to take it easy on ole mom here latley. I think mostly due to the fact that ALL of his teeth are in but 1 and that makes for a happier baby and momma.

He LOVES his brother and daddy. I hope that he feels the same about me too but since I am always with him I never get to hear him say: Where's mommy like he does about daddy, and bubby.

You are a great sleeper. You go to bed about 8:30 and sleep until 8 or 8:30 everyday. You still take 1 nap per day at 1:00 until 4 or 5:00.

In the eating department, it has really be tough latley to keep you eating healthy. You don't like any kind of vegtables but you LOVE fruit. You will eat any kind of fruit. I started giving you the squeezy baby food to fill in for your lack or vegtables and you really love those.

You love yogurt and any kind of breakfast food. Dinner is your least favorite meal.

You wear 2T clothes and a size 5 diaper.

You hate having your teeth brushed and are still pretty wormy while having your diaper changed. When I wash your hair in the bath tub you SCREAM because you hate the water in your eyes.

We are so blessed that you joined our family. We can't wait to see what you will do with your life.

Happy Birthday Kippy

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hodge Podge

While the electric was out from the storm I took a hodge podge of pictures of the boys. There is no true meaning to this post other than to post pictures of my wild/crazy sweet boys :)

Kipton getting daddy's screwdriver in the garage, which he should not be playing with...

Ready for a bedtime story. Waiting for momma!

Waiting, waiting, always waiting for momma!

The boys had a visitor from TN. Her name is Stacy also and she was staying with my mom.
The boys had fun jumping on her! HA I'm sure she loved that :)

Keeping cool on the back porch. Not many days where the boys actually dress nice and wear clothes! Those 102 days are killer for a momma who has two boys who want to be outside ALL DAY LONG!

We did get brave and drove to Camden Park for the 4th of July Fireworks. That place was CRAZY!
We decided to just park the swagger and watch from the back.

However, we didn't last through the whole firework show. Karson was having a bad day so we decided to call it a night. Ahhhh such is life with 2 small kids.

Just lots of swimming, sunning, and playing in the hot here at our house!

Hope your having a great summer too :)