Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kipton's 2nd Birthday Party

Our Birthday Boy!

We had a family party on Sunday July 22nd for Kipton's 2nd Birthday. We had a great time and the boys had a blast. Kipton had requested a "tractor" birthday party so that's what we did.

The shirt above I made from John Deere material and used appliques to make a 2 with some logos around the 2. It was fun to make!

This was my first time making a circular cake. It was harder than I expected!!
The cake was stuck to the cake pan even though I put oil in the pans.

As Kevin said it will just look like you were trying to make it a "mud" cake for the tractor! HA

I had been very worried about Karson at the party. I've been worried and praying hard for him to understand that this party was not about him but it was his brothers time for a celebration. I had given him many talks before the party about how he could be a helper for Kipton but not over take the presents/cake, etc.

He did really well. A few times he needed reminding that it was Kipton's gift to open but overall I really think he understood. Dane (their cousin) was also a helper with the gifts and I'm not sure that Kipton got to even open his own gifts after the first couple, but it was fine.

The boys Uncle John (Kevin's uncle) brought a cotton candy machine to the party and made different flavors for the boys to have. They really enjoyed it and ate it in the back of Kevin's truck. What a "country" activity to add to our tractor party. HAHA

I really think Kipton and Karson had a great time with all of their family there.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Kip!

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