Friday, July 27, 2012

Show us your Life: Pictures

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today where everyone will be blogging about Showing how you display pictures throughout your home. When we moved into our newly built home in December I really just wanted to hang family pictures throughout the house instead of what I call "fancy" pictures (home interior, etc). I do have a few "fancy" pictures in the bedrooms but overall I do have a lot of pictures of the boys and our family.

Here is a very long hallway that leads to our main living room/kitchen area. I like it because you can add as many/take away pictures as you want. I would like to add more but I haven't had time.

Here is a little table that is on the opposite side of the long hallway. I had American pictures of the boys I took in the frames for the 4th of July with flags in my basket.

In the eating area

Another addition I added to my kitchen. Using chalkboard paint to paint a board and have different fun sayings on it throughout the year.

Right now I wrote:

"Train your BOYS to go with the LORD"

I had the board that went on top of a Longaberger Basket.

 I bought this Chalkboard paint from Lowe's and painted a square on the top of the board.

I let it dry for 4 hours just to be sure it was good and dry.

Then I put it on an easel that I already had and placed it near the sink in the kitchen.

Hope you've enjoyed how I display pictures throughout the home!

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