Sunday, November 18, 2012

Opening of Gun Season

Did you know that in West Virginia they actually give students 2 extra days on their Thanksgiving Break for gun season? Yep that's right! If my boy were in "real" school they would be taking advantage of it too. However, this year it's just daddy hunting and the boys seeing his mighty work.
After church today Kevin and I came home and put the boys down for naps. I started picking up my room and bathroom and Kevin said he was going out back to hunt for a while. Within 5 minutes I heard a gun shot but it's really normal to hear them around where we live so I didn't think it was Kevin.
He was back shortly on the 4-wheeler and said "Well that was fast!" He literally rode for about 2 minutes and saw this spike and shot him. He was happy and when the boys woke up they were happy too! Happy afternoon by all.
Did I ever think that this would be "OK" by me as a  mom? Probably not, but yep it's ok because boy moms have to overlook the nasty and gross part and just be happy that they are BOYS and are enjoying nature and the little things in life.
If I had all girls...would I let them touch it? Maybe not. But my life is a life with all boys, so why not embrace it?
We are proud of Kevin! He loves to hunt and this is first year "living" in the country. I did grow up in the country but he did not. He lived more in the subdivision/city so this is new to him to be able to see many deer everyday and hunt out your backdoor. I know the boys are LOVING growing up in the country and again, I am so happy for our move.
It's beginning to look a lot like........Hunting Season :)
Now to kill a turkey! haha

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