Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1 Year at our Home

It has been exactly 1 year since we moved into our new home. I like to update about our house so that I will remember. I will probably read this back someday and think "I had horrible taste back then" or that I blogged about silly things but right now, I thought it would be fun to look back.
It seems like yesterday that this was our kitchen. We had to move in and didn't have our kitchen finished. I remember washing the dishes in the bathtub for 2 weeks. It was a LONG 2 weeks :)
The boys have adjusted very well in our move. I had really prayed hard that they would be happy in the country because they had lots of friends in our last neighborhood. Now we have no kids around, but they don't seem to care one bit. They love it in the country.
Karson helping clean up their bathroom before moving in.
We have accomplished ALOT with our house but still have a few things left to do even a year later.
I just painted the boys bathroom and decorated it in fishing. They both LOVED going fishing this summer and they have really said they love the new things on the walls.
We are slowly trying to paint each room in our house. Kevin really pushes me towards "fun" colors but I really like tan and white. The colors we have picked so far I really like.
I am so thankful for our home. It is my favorite place to be!
I can't wait to see what another year brings for our home. We have MANY projects that we hope
to do this winter indoors. Our next project is a new contractor coming to build our built in bookshelves in the living room. It is the focal point of the room and I will be so happy to decorate them!! With a fireplace and TV in the middle, I am so excited when it will be finished!!
I am so thankful for our opportunity to move into our home and raise the boys in the country.
What are you thankful for?
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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