Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

We had a good Thanksgiving Day. We had "lunch" at our house around noon and my parents and grandma came. It was nice and mom and I split the cooking. It was very good!
Guess who didn't want in the picture? Yep this screaming cat :)
He wanted on his bulldozer and not in the family Thanksgiving picture. O well :)
I made the boys turkey shirts this year. They turned out really well.
They love digging in my mulch even though they are told not too....but it was keeping them busy while I was finishing the cooking so I didn't mind.
Karson is really loving the Wii. He loves to play Mario Cart and Kipton "pretends" to play with Karson. Karson is really good at it, but I don't like him play a lot so he really enjoyed it today while I was finishing up the cooking.
We had a great dinner and very thankful for family.
We visited Kevin's parents for their dinner around 5 and stayed for a few hours. The boys went to bed early. I think they were exhausted from all of the excitement.
Hope everyone had a great day!

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